Multiverse Item Support

Multiverse items are items that are supported across a variety of games. Each item is represented in it's own unique way in that particular game.

Lost Relics supports many Multiverse items (include official Enjin items) and will add more as time goes on.

Use your other Enjin items within Lost Relics!

The items that are already supported are below.

Altcoin Buzz Collectibles

Black Knight Ashor Image
Black Knight Ashor
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Blockchain Legacy

Mv101 Sword Image
Mv101 Sword
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Nhinestreams Image
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Dragon Riders of Kriptomat


Diamond Sword Image
Diamond Sword
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Golden Sword Image
Golden Sword
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Iron Sword Image
Iron Sword
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Wooden Sword Image
Wooden Sword
Deals additional 30% damage while ignited
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Multiverse Brotherhood

Bottle of Enchanted Powers Image
Bottle of Enchanted Powers
15% Damage increase for 30 seconds. 40 second cool down.
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Gecko Multiverse Epic Image
Gecko Multiverse Epic
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Gecko Multiverse Legendary Image
Gecko Multiverse Legendary
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Gecko Multiverse Mythical Image
Gecko Multiverse Mythical
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MVB Shield Image
MVB Shield
Reduces damage taken by 10%
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Shield of Lorek Image
Shield of Lorek
Reduces damage taken by 10%
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Founder of MyMeta Image
Founder of MyMeta
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God of MyMeta Image
God of MyMeta
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SwissBorg Cyborg Image
SwissBorg Cyborg
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The Multiverse