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What is Lost Relics?

Lost Relics (LR) is a Fantasy ARPG (Action-Adventure Role-Playing Game) which uses Digital Collectibles for provably rare and valuable items which you can find by adventuring in various locations around the lands.

Okay, I'm in. How do I play?

Movement and keys

WASD allows you to move relative to your camera rotation, rotate your camera by holding down the right mouse button. Left click for attack, and you can chain the attack up to three times. You can also hold down the mouse to keep attacking.

All attacks use energy (the blue bar on the bottom right). Make sure you take energy consumables with you.

Your health is the green bar on the bottom left. Make sure you wear armor to give additional protection. There are consumables which will give you additional armor and damage.

Rather than directly facing an enemy, use a combination of aiming with your mouse and attacking, while side stepping around your enemies or moving about.

Tab will show your full character and inventory. M will show you the full map.


Your stash is located on the second level of the Tavern and is where you can store all of your items. It's also where you equip your items, outfits, pets, etc.

There are NPCs around town which have Quests for you to complete. To find the requirements you will need to go on adventures.


Traverse the environment and find the room with the exit. Chests and monsters contain valuable items and give experience so make sure you attack all monsters and open all chests!

How do I get more Gold Coins?

Gold coins can be found on Adventures in chests, from monsters and hidden around the adventures in crates, barrels, etc

You can use them to buy various items and goods from around the Town as well as use them to trade items with other players at the Royal Emporium.

How does the marketplace work, no one is buying/selling my items?

It is a simple trading system. Every item bought or sold comes from other players. Supply and demand for the items comes purely from players.

For detailed information about how it works see the Marketplace.

If I take an item into the dungeon and die, do I lose it?

Only virtual items will be lost. All Digital Collectibles will be sent back to your stash.

If you do die, you will wake up in the graveyard with an empty inventory, so make sure you head back to your stash before you start your next adventure!

Are the drops fair?

Lost Relics uses a Cryptographically-secure random number generator to generate its drops.

The number generated is passed through a weighted drop table to determine the drop you get.

You have the same chance, every time you roll, as anyone else.

No criteria, no selection. If you're a new account, an old account, or a founder, your odds are the same as everyone else. The system doesn't favor anyone more than anyone else.

Several containers such as Chests, Pumpkins and Eggs have different drop tables and all containers generally roll their contents when you open them.

Why don't you publish the drop rates?

Human psyche and perception are ultimately flawed. There are several reasons that Lost Relics doesn't publish drop rates:

Drop chance values are frequently misunderstood

If you see an item that says it drops with a chance of 50%, then you will expect it to drop roughly once every second time.

But actually, you might get it 4 times in a row, while other times you'll get 7 times nothing in a row and your brain will tell you it's wrong, it's not 50%. When it actually is.

You can demonstrate this yourself with a coin. Flip it and count consecutive heads or tails.

It's a 50% chance (assuming your coin is perfectly weighted) that you'll get heads or tales, but as you'll see, it won't be heads, then tails, then heads, then tails.

Your local view creates a skewed perspective

You aren't the only one rolling. If you're looking at just your results, it will seem skewed. You need to view all the results across the entire system.

For example, let's take a coin flip. Player A and Player B take turns, one after another.

If it was perfectly 50% random, then Player A flips and gets heads. Player B flips and gets tails. Player A flips again and gets heads and Player B flips again and gets tails.

To Player A, they think it's rigged, as they're just getting heads. Player B thinks the same, they're just getting tails.

Only when you look at the results of all combined, do you see it's 50% chance for each.

Players argue over drop rates

Players end up arguing about whether 25% means 25%. Some say they got an item once every 10, so it's more like 10%, others will say they got 3 in a row so it's 100%.

Perception changes over time and the brain tends to forget and lose count, construing facts and making up values, leading to even more arguments about incorrect values.

The end result, is that providing drop rates actually causes even more arguments and rage as players start to look at drop rates as guaranteed success indicators.

Variable player base with limited supplies

Limited supply items and a variable player base means drop rates can't remain the same.

The majority of games such as Diablo or WoW have unlimited items. They can set a drop rate that targets the rareness of the item they're dropping and be done with it. It's impossible to apply this same mechanic to truly limited items across a variable player base.

If the game is trying to maintain items for a set period of time (say for an event) and it needs to last 10 days, then the drop rate needs to keep adjusting according to the player base.

If the game has calculated the drop rate to last 10 days with 1,000 people per day and suddenly 10,000 people per day are playing, then the drop rate needs to be adjusted accordingly, otherwise instead of lasting 10 days, the items only last for 1 day and then they're all out of stock.

The same is true for the inverse of this, where if the drop rate is calculated for 10,000 people and by the end of the event only 1,000 players remain, then the drop rates need to be adjusted regularly or there will be too many items remaining at the end.

Additionally, drops will appear to drop more often when there are more people playing concurrently, and less often when there are less people. Sometimes drop rates must be adjusted regularly to account for these changes in player population in order to maintain a certain drop rate per minute.

How are prices for items determined and how should I price my items?

Lost Relics uses a free market for all items, except those sold initially on the website store.

If you base your entire item price simply on available supply, instead of total supply, then you've priced your item wrong. You need to take into account demand and availability as both of those will fluctuate over time.

Item prices are generally determined by availability, total supply and demand.

Demand for something can be affected by the total supply and how much that item is desired (It's utility, appearance, etc).

  • If there's an unlimited supply with low availability and huge demand then you'll find prices increase because people are demanding the item.
  • If there's an unlimited supply with high availability and no demand then you'll find prices are low.
  • If there's a limited supply with low availability and huge demand then again, prices will be high until availability increases.
  • If there's a limited supply with high availability and no demand then again, prices will be low until demand increases.

Everything else is just variations of these examples.

You can't expect your price to remain static either. It's based on market demand and availability.

The one thing you can be assured of with the Digital Collectibles is that their maximum supply is limited. There will never be more than that many (fixed supply).

If you don't understand this, and you want to understand, then you should research market dynamics and economies as well as supply and demand.

How can I support this project?

The best way to support this project is to buy items through the shop.

Power Pendants, pets, outfits and other items can be purchased in order to assist with future development.

Spreading word of this game and introducing it to other gamers will help the community grow too!

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