About Membership

Unlock the Ultimate Adventure: Upgrade to Membership and gain exclusive access to a world of limitless possibilities. Power Pendants, coveted virtual items, grant you entry to members-only content, including thrilling adventures, unique skills, and an extensive range of valuable items.

Activate Power Pendants on your account or trade them through the Royal Emporium for coveted Gold Coins. These remarkable artifacts, once activated, become Account Bound, retaining their immense power until they eventually disintegrate.

Join the ranks of the world's most extraordinary Fantasy Action-Adventure RPG and embark on an unparalleled journey of epic proportions. Upgrade to Membership today and seize the adventure of a lifetime!

Members Benefits

Members benefits include Free player benefits unless otherwise specified
Free playersMembers


10% XP Boost for monsters
Digital Collectible drops on AdventuresNoYes
Relic Essence dross on AdventuresNoYes
Event drops1 Item per adventureUnlimited
Members only Chat
Champion RewardsLimitedFull
Production SkillsAll Skills up till level 10Level 10 and beyond
Daily GoalsAt least 3 per dayAt least 6 per day
Simultaneous Active Bounties12
Bounty RaritiesBronze OnlyAll
Enhanced World ExplorationNoYes
Event ExclusivesNoYes

Royal Emporium

Trade Slots6 (+2 Unlocked by leveling)20 (+4 Unlocked by leveling)
Quantity Limit50,000500,000
Item Recent Trade History1024
Order History4 Buys, 4 Sells10 Buys, 10 Sells
Trade Notifications


Character Titles
Chat and Profile name colorGreyGold (Blue if Founder)
Chat Avatar colorGreyColored