Founder's Token NFT


The Founder's Token NFT was sold from this website during the pre-sale in June 2019 for $100 USD and was included in a pack containing a random selection of high tier weapons and items.

Founder's token NFTs might be still available on the Enjin Marketplace or by trading with other players.

Ongoing Staking Benefits

The following are ongoing benefits for staking the Founder's Token within your wallet.

If you remove the token you will lose access but whoever receives the token will gain access:

  • 1 x Isobella Outfit
  • 1 x Hamlin Outfit
  • Unique name color in Chat, Profile, Leaderboards, etc if also a member
  • Access to exclusive Discord Founder channel if also a member
  • Event bonuses and boosts
  • Early Access to Multiplayer

Past Staking Benefits

The following are once off benefits that were either credited for staking the token during a certain time or for a period of time:

  • Founder's Chest containing an assortment of weapons and items with a chance of rarities up to Mythical
  • Early Access to the very first public build
  • 100 x Adventure Stones
  • 1 x Void Goat
  • 2 x Random Cobalt Storage key or Rose Storage key or Juniper Storage key
  • In game name carved into the Talmuth Statue on February 3rd 2020
  • 1 x Golden Egg for Easter 2021
  • Early Access to Off-Chain BC Marketplace
  • 28 x Mysterious Pumpkins for Halloween 2021 (Rewarded over 7 days for staking your Founder's Token)
  • 28 x Christmas Presents for Christmas 2021 (Rewarded over 7 days for staking your Founder's Token)