General News

A device in Inverdhen hums with newfound potential. It might be worthwhile investigating...

9 days ago

Minor patch: 297

  • Free players now have access to Indimar and Amiindayl
  • Added currency display to marketplace window
  • Added required info to start adventure dialog, instead of the interaction, so that you can see the dialog if you don't have the required item on you (such as keys for Descending Nightmare)
  • Added time remaining till game mode resets for Echoes of Time and Descending Nightmares
  • Added missing spawner effect for Guardians so that they don't pop in
  • Adjusted global buffs from Viola Nightbloom to give 5% instead of 2.5%
  • Changed the interaction scanner so that it picks priority targets first. Now when you're close to an Exit, and something like a chest, the chest will always be picked over the exit, as long as the chest is within range
  • Moved the teleporter in DN and TD to another room
  • Fixed items that make use of homing, such as Festive Frenzy
  • Fixed getting stuck in gather when snuck up on by a Shadowstrike
  • Fixed Translumination potion not working for 100% of traps
  • Fixed being unable to activate some consumables in town
12 days ago

Minor patch: 295

  • Fixed issue with being blocked while trying to use an item
  • Fixed targeting issues with controller
15 days ago

Minor patch: 294

  • Updated player start so that we don't block the UI (so you can see what's equipped in case you want to abandon)
  • Updated Translumination potion so that you can see Shadowstrikes in their hidden state, as well as Traps
  • Updated Emera Crossing small gift locations
  • Updated the weapon slot in the main menu to have offsets for the different weapons
  • Updated marketplace graph axis formatting, updated chart scaling
  • Added Column headers to marketplace details view
  • Added Market Change to Marketplace sorting options
  • Changed Marketplace history view to use a detail view, and placed Buys and Sells in separate tabs
  • Adjusted Skulkweaver effect back to 1.5s
  • Fixed player bows firing backwards
  • Fixed teleport scrolls not working on adventures
  • Fixed pipes that block characters like Warden
  • Fixed getting stuck gathering while being hit with a web
  • Fixed The Spyglass of Captain Moonscar and Worn Treasure Map so that they work with each level of Terror Descent and Descending Nightmares
  • Fixed being able to push characters in some circumstances
  • Fixed morph getting unequipped in certain circumstances
  • Fixed collision sticking out from Floor blasters causing players and monsters to sometimes clip it
  • Fixed houses being occluders and rebaked occlusion for all maps
  • Fixed being unable to hit Shadowstrike while it's hidden
15 days ago

Minor patch: 293

  • Improved the graphs and numbering on the marketplace window
  • Changed the Campfire to not be forced movement or low camera so as to not trigger motion sickness
  • Fixed player info window not showing correct shortcut text
  • Fixed Artifacts heading in settings
  • Fixed avatar not showing in the character window in adventures
  • Fixed time trial mode not working when there's multiple quests
  • Fixed player inputs being reset when moving between zones
  • Fixed monster locations so that they only show adventures that are appropriate
  • Fixed various Artifacts being modified by Magic weapon modifiers
19 days ago

Major patch: 292 - Mystic Maelstrom

  • Added new Game Modes Descending Nightmares and Terror Descent
  • Added new Magic Weapons as Staves
  • Added new Magic Potions
  • Added Elara Stormrider and Aldric Stormwarden
  • Added support for having multiple quests active at the same time
  • Added filter pills to the filter pane so that you can easily see active filters, even if the filter list is long
  • Added new multi sort options to Stash, Marketplace and Encyclopedia
  • Added all weapon types to the Filters in Stash, etc
  • Updated Oviriuth regeneration
  • Updated Entangled effect to allow you to rotate while entangled
  • Updated Item Filters to allow you to expand and contract sub items
  • Updated Marketplace Volume graph to use a Bar graph instead of a Line Graph
  • Updated Sunken Treasure Trove contents
  • Updated Moonjackal, Guardian, Razorwind and Olkepthian Armor rarity, effects and assembly requirements
  • Changed guardian to spawn at same time as the exit portal can open
  • Changed it so that gathering is no longer auto cancelled when we take damage
  • Changed it so that equipping armor at max health/energy gives you those new stats at full too, without requiring you to wait to recharge (This includes items like Legion's Fall)
  • Adjusted Skyviper to match more like what Skulkspitter does
  • Adjusted order of displayed exchanges to try to favor items categorized by their type
  • Frostfire Fungus has started growing on trees and is now much more common than it was before
  • An arrow can now travel through at least one Destructible object and continue on it's path
  • If you Ctrl+Click a weapon to equip it from your stash, and it has ammo, the ammo will also be automatically equipped
  • Items/Effects that boost character xp such as Valor Elixir, Ascension, Global Buffs and Chosen One now also work for game modes such as Echoes of Time, Descending Nightmares, Terror Descent, etc
  • Moved Rarity filter into filter list for windows such as Emporium, Encyclopedia and Stash
  • Changed Resistance Potion to Unbinding Serum, Dayl Slate Leather to Tidecaller Trident, and Dayl Indigo Leather to Coral-encrusted Anchor
  • Updated Flopper, Barbetta, and Starshark values
  • Adjusted Skulkweavers web effect to last 1s instead of 1.5s and to change back to entangle instead of slow
  • Adjusted Icefang animations
  • Adjusted Westfell, Lirris, Okhir, Shoraway and Odenspire monster populations
  • Melted supply of several items: Void Goat 500 to 298, Grimsteed 200 to 50, Rootguard 200 to 50, Conqueron 200 to 50, Tuxedo Tom 250 to 150, Lyra Shadowheart 400 to 200, Marina Mellman 350 to 200, Grizzlax 450 to 200, Snowstorm 450 to 200, Wartonda 450 to 200, Slenderbone 350 to 200, Minion #2 666 to 314, Frosty the Trollman 400 to 213, Ascended Ogum 450 to 350, Metakrawkus 450 to 350, Cottontail Carly 1750 to 350, Flamin' Jack Unlimited to 125, Scarratou 700 to 377, Hawkuma 1750 to 300, Hollowhead 450 to 300, Lance Livingstone 5000 to 950, Bonehunter Bonnie 550 to 500, Bonehunter Brody 550 to 500, Gecko Multiverse Unlimited to 747, Kyle Unlimited to 250, May Unlimited to 250, Sizzle 1000 to 500, Snap 1000 to 500.
  • Added left over items back into the shop, now that supplies have been updated.
  • Relics (Items with effects) are now known as Artifacts. Relics now refers to all of the collectible items in Lost Relics
  • Added potential fix for endless waves in Frostfall Siege
  • Fixed teleport scroll not working after completing Frostfall Siege
  • Fixed minimap rendering issues
  • Fixed owned display in tooltips for things like Enjin Gems
  • Fixed homing projectiles so that they don't damage the owner or the same faction
  • Fixed inability to roll through skulk webs
  • Fixed Hamlin and Isobella not showing their tools
  • Fixed Scorn's Aura effect
  • Fixed Worn Treasure map so it once again reveals areas of the map
  • Fixed Gilded Reckoner chance not being correct
  • Fixed when players roll through something, it causes them to slingshot back. Now you'll just roll on the spot
20 days ago

General News

Alchemists have figured out how to better refine Demonaria and Nepholia for Lethal Adrenaline and Bullseye Brew, and now you need only half as many!

one month ago

Minor patch: 291

  • Fixed Leaderboard at Inverdhen Bridge
2 months ago

General News

Some old event items have been swapped for new items, in order to balance Echoes of Time a little better. Darksour Proctail swapped for Overload Serum, Hex on the Beach swapped for Precision's Peak, Demon Blood swapped for Boundless Evade Brew

2 months ago

Minor patch: 290

  • Added adventure map to inverdhen inn
  • Reduced the amount of grass in Zenarthiil by 66%
  • Changed formatting of leaderboard entries to allow more room for names
  • Fixed Torpedo Tumbler
  • Fixed minimap having issues with revealing walls
  • Fixed game not properly closing if you have the api enabled
  • Fixed a few Enjin Coin values that were still showing as old Shadowstone values
  • Fixed QR code not working when settings are low
  • Fixed some passive effects not resetting correctly if they've got a timer associated with them. This fixed items like Northern Nectar when you use it a second time while it's already active.
  • Fixed resistance potion blocking energy drain because it was categorised as concussion
2 months ago

Minor patch: 289

  • Adjusted Verdantling beam to only bleed energy while it's on you and adjusted cooldowns for weapons
  • Updated Verdantling to have a warning about the incoming beam, and slightly slowed down Verdantling's cast animation for the beam to give a little more warning
  • Adjusted Action bar health and energy bars to animate better so that if you're taking rapid damage, you can see it better
  • Fixed issues with Bow sometimes triggering again when you didn't want it to
  • Fixed the marketplace confirmation screen being the wrong value
  • Fixed the marketplace offer panes having some incorrect values
  • Fixed items such as Harvester of Sorrow that apply both health and energy, to always apply the change, unless both health and energy are full
  • Fixed issues around walking slow after you roll
  • Fixed issues around getting stuck in some animations from relics like Bane of Immortals or Bloodspire Ring
  • Fixed using wrong dungeon type for adventures like Horde, Enchanted Isle, etc
  • Fixed market price display in the stash
  • Fixed bug with passive effects getting applied twice when there's multiple in the list. Really the root cause needs to be fixed but we're under time pressure
  • Fixed issue with Translumination potion not working after defeating Heart of the Horde
  • Fixed Fervoroth not registering properly for Bounty XP
  • Fixed Arachling Eggs remaining after you kill them
2 months ago

Minor patch: 288

  • Fixed Boulderfist, Drondor and other monsters
  • Fixed maps like Breyn so that you can see the fishing nodes
  • Fixed gather interaction, so that you can't cancel it with Interact
  • Fixed being unable to enter Frostfall Siege
  • Fixed Moonlit Valor, Tome of Tranquility and Twilight Locket ticking only once every 2s
2 months ago

Minor patch: 287

  • Fixed Moonlit Valor and Twilight Locket
  • Don't show decimals in marketplace for gold
  • Fixed warning about the wrong tool rarity
  • Updated Skulkling so it's easier to see
  • Fixed Moonjackal using Plate armor values instead of Leather
  • Fixed Sweetwater Minnow image
  • Fixed Morph receiving a cooldown if you consume an item when you're not morphed
  • Fixed currency icon not showing in tooltips for items with market prices
  • Fixed Full map being broken at certain screen resolutions
2 months ago

Major patch: 286 - Timemaster's Epoch

  • Added new game mode Echoes of Time to Inverdhen which features a weekly prize based on your achievements, as well as competitive weekly leaderboards with prizes. Unlocked by completing a new Quest.
  • Added 24 new monsters to existing adventures, and to the new Echoes of Time.
  • Changed how armor and its properties works, improved the difference between armor in each rarity, and updated the images for each armor.
  • Added new Gemstone Disaggregator to Inverdhen.
  • Added new NPC Thornix Stonecarver to Inverdhen who will craft new armors for you.
  • Added armor stand to Inverdhen Inn, which appears once you've unlocked your stash there
  • Added Rifts between Inverdhen and Talmuth
  • Added effects to Krong'Oul's Last End Conductor, Shapeshifter's Demise, Starcaller, Axe of Antagony, Cavalier Crusader, Glint of Asperity, Heartstriker, Incarnated Ravager, Mooncleaver, Night Shredder, Obsidian Defender, Pride of the Fleet, Reaper's Toll, Silent Song, Sky Spire, Stormsong, Thunderstrike, Valkyrie, Wings of Surety, Axe of the Intolerant, Blade of the Ember Pact, Blood Eclipse, Breeze Bender, Conquest, Doomblade, Fortune's Warblade, Ghost Reaver, Ice Wrath Cleaver, Long Reign, Obsidian Katana, Ritual Rapier, Silent Assassin, Silver Broadaxe, Silver Saber, Skeletal Warblade, Skull Breaker, Soul Infused Copper Warblade, Viper War Axe, Volcanic Broadaxe, Scathing Ruin, Wildone's Axe, Refereum Sword, Godslayer and Emblem of the Ancients
  • Updated effects of Draco Juice, The Spyglass of Captain Moonscar, Overmorph Potion, Fortification Potion, Invisibility Potion, Lethal Adrenaline, and Cardinal Crisp and cooked foods
  • Adjusted some production item levels now that the effects have been adjusted, and also adjusted the xp to create smoother progression, as well as removed some items from Cooking and Alchemy to simplify the skills
  • Moved some activities like Tanning Leather to Engineering and Bone Crushing to Alchemy
  • Changed Morph, so that you stay morphed until you demorph, perform an action, or take damage. Using doors or stairs no longer demorphs. The cooldown is now always 5s.
  • Changed Untethered Tonic to Overload Serum, Spellbreak Potion to Boundless Evade Brew, Acceleration Potion to Precision's Peak Potion.
  • Updated monster damage output to be more appropriate for armor and other changes.
  • Changed Nex Lacquer to Frostbound Geodes. Luna Wolfblood now has new exchanges
  • Changed Mulfiddich Coconut from Uncommon to Rare and Pacific Peach from Rare to Epic
  • Updated effect on Ring of the Wretched and changed Peppermint Pekoe to an Epic item. Both items are available to purchase from an NPC in Inverdhen.
  • Necromage now uses a new Energy Drain effect
  • Adjusted Necrocleric to summon minions around itself, instead of the player, and updated the minions
  • When Armor breaks, it no longer gives you Remains, instead it's the same as all other items that break.
  • Added fix for quest items spawning below the ground when spawned from a gather node
  • Fixed morph recharge display so that it doesn't show if recharge time is 0
  • Adjusted the roll animation which was in rare cases causing players to get stuck and be unable to move, or move slowly
  • Fixed monsters still being able to attack while in a disconnected state
  • Removed 'Sign Request in Wallet' for login method as JumpNet is gone
  • Relic Essence is limited to 100 per rarity in your stash. You won't be able to pick up any more until you use the Relic Essence you have already collected.
  • Added a new query api that uses a local webserver to return information about the player state (Only enabled if the setting is switched on. Off by default)
  • Many minor fixes, quality of life improvements and adjustments
  • Known Issues: The game will ask if you're sure that you've got the correct tool equipped for the adventure when it shouldn't.
2 months ago

General News

Enjin JumpNet and Mainnet integration has been turned off. Blockchain services will be restored once we're on the new chain.

3 months ago

Minor patch: 285

  • Fixed oddness with monsters and their targeting systems
4 months ago

Minor patch: 284

  • Increased intelligence for some AI so that they pick their targets by evaluating the level of threat, or picking a target they think they can kill quickly
  • Fixed floating players and pets in Emera Crossing
  • Updated Frostfall Siege xp display
4 months ago

Minor patch: 283

  • Fixed chosen adventure not being remembered
  • Fixed Wrath of the Swarm effect
  • Fixed 'Resist' not working correctly
4 months ago

Major patch: 282 - Road to Inverdhen

  • Added new location Emera Crossing
  • Added new location Inverdhen
  • Added new morph 'Icefang' to the shop, for the launch of Inverdhen.
  • Updated the Damage over Time effects (Burn, Bleed, etc) to be appropriate for each rarity tier, and for player vs monster
  • Adjusted Overmorph potion to last 100% longer instead of 60%
  • Renamed Dragon's Teeth to Aetherwood, Taintless Water of Irr to Spiderweave Silk, Pollarium to Earthcore Crystal, Mountain Ash to Heartwood Amber, Ecru Barley Grains to Murkwater Gem
  • Added effects to Voidripper, Red Menace, Worldslayer, Reckoning, Zenarthiil Parallel, Edge of Lost Comrades, Cataclysm, Final Enmity, Calamity of the Crows, Champion of the Enigma, Stormblade, Winds of Ash, Dark Scourge, Nova Ultrus, Nova Omega, Abyssal Pyre
  • Protected Items now only protect Relics, and nothing else
  • Removed Level Restrictions from virtual Weapons, Armor and Relics, but they remain for Tools
  • Changed Morph so that it's no longer connected to distance travelled, but a timer instead
  • Empty Flasks/Vials are now stackable
  • Various theme updates
  • Replaced the 'lootbuff' chat effect with a community wide buff from an NPC
  • Updated the roadmap on the website
  • Minor fixes and tweaks
4 months ago

Minor patch: 281

  • Fixed monster ability to climb trees
  • Fixed rock collision on Graveyard theme
  • Fixed Ellenay's Avail critical hits
  • Fixed Royal Exchange level progress number showing wrong value
5 months ago

Minor patch: 280

  • Fixed a rare issue with how arrows calculate their trajectory when taking into account target velocity, so that the arrows no longer fire off in the wrong direction
  • Fixed using radial menu causes items to not be properly cleared from your inventory
  • Fixed monsters being able to regen while being affected by a character action such as stunned
  • Fixed energy consumption from weapons, so that you don't consume any energy if the you don't have at least or more than the energy required
  • Moved Camera vertical rotation limit to general game settings and made it work for both keyboard and gamepad
  • Updated the exchange/talk icon so that it's different from the Quest task icon
  • Ensure that the glowing effect for Ruby Evanbrook egg stops when the effect is depleted
  • Adjusted Ellenay's Avail, Starstruck, Aeropiercer effect
  • Adjusted graveyard theme to fix rocks
  • Added the ability for monsters to avoid areas of effect
  • Updated some cosmetic and weapon slot alignments
5 months ago

Minor patch: 279

  • Fixed items like Moonlit Valor not working
  • Fixed Queen's Misery glitching
  • Arrows do 50% damage when fired at mobs within kissing range (< 0.75 units)
6 months ago

Major patch: 278 - Home Sweet Home

  • Added the ability to purchase a home in Talmuth (Right now this just unlocks your stash, closer to adventure pass, but in the future, after we add more game modes, we'll add more options for your home)
  • Added the ability to unlock more secret stash slots
  • Added the ability to send your Founder's Token into the game. Use the website, Account -> Wallet (same as your items)
  • Added/Update effects for Godslayer, Spitfire, The Dividing Supremacy, Ellenay's Avail, Boneripper, War Axe of the Flame, Swift Shot, Wretched Fiend, Draft Winder, Volcanic Broadaxe, Criminal's Katana, Longbow, Snapdragon's Dawn, Malevolent Void, Nightingale Nexus, Princess Alucia's Mystical Carpet, Serpentina's Vengeance, Queen's Misery, The Executioner, Roaring Sand Dragon, Xilborne Venom of the Fallen, Death's Sigh, Hunter's Leverage, Frostbite Dawn, Legion's Fall, Plague Bearer, War Pledge, Ruby Evanbrook Egg, Golden Evanbrook Egg, Zigzag Zeal, Runic Spellstone, Kinetic Charm, Amulet of Magnetism, The Jasper Jewel, Crown of Lerigonia, Harnyde, Eerie Epitaph, Mender's Mix, Bonecharm
  • Added purchase rewards system which rewards you a Royal Sapphire for each $1 spent in the shop (to buy Luneri). As a thank you to all the players who have supported us over the years, we've credited the rewards as far back as 2019, so if you've ever bought anything in the shop you'll have a stack of Royal Sapphires to use in the new Royal Exchange on the main menu! (NOTE: This exchange will be hidden for the first week)
  • If you previously obtained Gilded Knight or Golden Storm, you will no longer have those, instead you'll have more than enough rewards points to claim them again, within this new open reward system (instead of being a secret), except this time they're not account bound, and they're tradable. Additionally, there's also new items you may want to claim with your Royal Sapphires too. (For 1 week, this exchange will only be available to players who previously unlocked Gilded Knight or Golden Storm, and initially will be limited to 1 item per account. 1 week after the patch is live, the Royal Exchange will appear for all players, and the 1 item per account will be removed.)
  • Improved ranged aiming, so that nearby targets are considered if no other targets could be found and so you don't need to be so accurate
  • Removed 'Accuracy Chance' from all weapons, there's no longer a concept of 'Miss Chance'
  • Adjusted the auto drop logic to give highest priority to blockchain and untradable items, discarding first the cheapest virtual item and only after that blockchain items
  • Added possible fix for end of level getting stuck and the terrain disappearing
  • Added a way to lock the camera vertical rotation into a specific value for gamepad
  • Added possible fix for Guardians disappearing
  • Fixed production causing some stacked items to disappear (I.e. Gorgondonna Eggs)
  • Fixed issues with Bombardiers damage
  • Fixed Slither not having sounds
  • Fixed items such as Doomsday Cranium not crediting players with experience
6 months ago

Minor patch: 277

  • Fixed filter issue where virtual items show when you're looking at collectibles
  • Fixed Heart of the Horde encounter being broken
  • Adjusted zoomed Depth of Field effect
  • Removed the reduced arrow damage at close range (additional buffs for ranged will be coming in the future)
6 months ago

Minor patch: 276

  • Adjusted aoe, etc effects to affect max 6 targets and removed diminishing returns
  • Adjusted cleave damage back to 100%/50%
  • Added Gore effects to the Settings window, and disabled it by default
  • Fixed renamed Armor Remains so that you can unbundle them
  • Fixed rare issue when picking targets using ranged weapons, where the wrong target is picked, causing you to hit a nearby target instead of the intended
  • Potentially also fixed the issue where your arrow sometimes randomly seems to fire next to a target, instead of directly at them
  • Adjusted energy use of Common and Uncommon Virtual weapons to line up with other weapons, and ensure generated adventures aren't creating too many entities to compensate
  • Arrows do 50% damage when fired at very close range (< 2m)
  • Adjusted the camera depth of field focal length when in lower cam to make the view less blurry
6 months ago

Minor patch: 275

  • Fixed Abyssalisk and Skulkblast causing issues for maps and not opening the exit portal
  • Updated ammo tooltip
  • Removed arrow assembly from town
  • Fixed Isobella and Hamlin not working
  • Fixed level requirement on Quivers
  • Fixed inability to cancel morph using attack
6 months ago

Major patch: 274 - Celestial Alignment

  • Arrows have been converted to Quivers, which have unlimited arrows, but randomly break in the same way tools or weapons do. All arrows have been broken down into 10% of the resources they were created with. If you had more than 1000 arrows, you'll receive a Quiver Trove for each rarity you held. If you had 1500 Iron Arrows, 1000 Viterium Arrows, and 500 Meridium Arrows, you'll receive 2 Quiver Troves, along with 10% of all the resources.
  • Allow any weapon to be equipped in any weapon slot instead of just melee and ranged in specific slots
  • Adjusted damage for Amulet of Chaos, Arcanum Pulse, Bane of Immortals, Bloodspire Ring, Crimson Gloomshot, Goodman Goggles, Infernal Hellfire, Junglecharm, The Mask of Atticus, Elijah and Hugo, Tinted Tempest, and Voltcore Amulet
  • Changed failed gathering xp to a fixed 50 value, and increased all gathering xp by 15%
  • Removed player shield, items that modify the shield will be updated soon
  • Renamed all hide and leather to names that aren't specific to monsters so that they can drop across adventures. Wrunehide to Frayed Hide, Skulkhide to Mottled Hide, Crochide to Exquisite Hide, Roghide to Iridescent Hide, Demonhide to Luminous Hide, Netherhide to Arcane Hide, Warhide to Celestial Hide
  • Renamed armors that relied on old leathers: Wruneleather to Shabby, Skulkleather to Patched, Crocleather to Elegant, Rogleather to Radiant, Demonleather to Lucent, Netherleather to Mystic, Warleather to Divine
  • Swapped Netherdemon and Warden locations, now that leathers are fixed
  • Renamed items: Forgotten Quiver to Quiver Trove, Moonjackal Body to Moonjackal Chestpiece, Nyctonaut Body to Nyctonaut Chestpiece, Razorwind Body to Razorwind Chestpiece, Warden's Chest to Guardian's Chest, Warden's Key to Guardian's Key, Adage of the Ancients to Titan Takedown, Meridian Wax to Abyssal Dominator
  • Added new items Sylvan Grip, Scavenger's Lens, Giant Bone, Grimstone Cache, Nautica's Strongbox, Thornsap Coffer, Wren's Trove, Croakreaver Fin, Leafsong Resin, Stoneheart Shard, Arachnodon Fang, Luminous Coral Shard, Mystic Kraken Ink, Deepwater Pearl, Shadowed Leviathan Scale, Greater Tome of Scavenging, Greater Tome of Woodcutting, Greater Tome of Mining, Greater Tome of Fishing, Guardian's Rune Stone, Celestial Alloy Ingot, Guardian's Essence Shard, Apple Pie, Peach Pie, Coconut Mead Cake, Flask of Mead
  • Removed Peachfoil Potion, Cyclone Soup, Magnarax Potion, returning 10% of all the resources used to create them
  • Arachnodon's, Boulderfists, Croakreavers and Maplethorns now drop new resource items, and there are NPCs around town looking for these resources.
  • Updated production requirements for tools and some weapons
  • You can attempt to construct an Ogum's Razor by interacting with Fragmented Ogum Claw and Luminous Leather in your inventory. Be careful though, they're fragile and you might just end up with Bone Dust.
  • Some new NPCs have arrived at the Emporium
  • Gathering Tomes are now tradable
  • Guardians now deal increased damage
  • Fixed Lethal Adrenaline being applied to back cosmetics instead of the player
  • Fixed Hamlin and Isobella missing back cosmetic slots
  • Fixed the two handed axe appearing to trigger faster with the 3rd attack
  • Fixed Eggdemon movement
  • Fixed virtual rarities that had the wrong damage values
  • Show time remaining for Passive Effects when you mouse over them
  • Added a roll cooldown to the buffs bar
  • Added favorite toggle to the production window, which matches what's already in the skills window
6 months ago

General News

Bounty Chests are no longer tradable

7 months ago

Major patch: 273 - Lost Legends

  • Increased the drop rates for Blockchain items across all adventures. More difficult adventures still have a slightly higher chance.
  • Adjusted monster adventure population and health to give more variation throughout adventures. With the right gear/consumables, there are at least 50% of monsters that are now 1 hits, and the hits generally top out at 4 per monster. Players should once again feel powerful, but this time without the low adventure XP. Be prepared for greater monster populations though. If you're running under minimum specifications, you may need to upgrade.
  • Adjusted monster damage across the full range, smoothing the difficulty in the top end but leaving it similar in the lower end. This means you should have a far higher chance to survive if you are swarmed, because you have more of an opportunity to react.
  • Adjusted gather node generation to flatten the chance curve for generating nodes that are at your level, meaning you'll see more higher rarity nodes now.
  • Adjusted virtual weapon base damage, to give more distinction between virtual and blockchain weapons.
  • Adjusted Discreet Melee/Ranged, Elite Melee/Ranged, Enhanced Melee/Ranged, Lethal Adrenaline, Protection, Resitance, Overmorph , Spellbreak, Translumination, Bullseye, Untethered Tonic and Dynalyte potion/elixir active times.
  • Adjusted Valor and OmniHarvest Elixirs to be 25% for 2 hours, instead of 15% for 3 hours.
  • Relic Essence is now considered a virtual item.
  • Fixed loading from a loadout, so that it doesn't steal items from your secret stash.
  • Free players no longer have the power to take blockchain items out of adventures with them. A free player can quickly obtain membership for free though by collecting gold coins (Either through adventures, or more optimally reselling resources such as coal) and trading the gold coins for Power Pendants from other players in the Marketplace.
  • Fixed Soulweaver attack animation to give the player some time to react, and fixed running around in a circle.
  • Ensure we can't add more than 64 friends.
  • Fixed being unable to get shop items for various vendors.
7 months ago

Major patch: 272 - Relic Rampage

  • Added new game mode 'Relic Rampage' with leaderboard and prizes
  • Added new monsters Shroomguard, Arbormaw, Sludgefiend, Abyssalisk, Sludgecrawler, Soulweaver, and Grimhorn, replacing the placeholder use of skeltors in all maps
  • Sped up activation of blast and area of effect relics. This may have issues for future pvp.
  • Updated weapon damage values to ensure better separation between the rarities. This ensures that each rarity weapon is now much more powerful than the previous rarity, without any dps value overlap.
  • Fixed shortbow damage and energy requirements
  • Changed gather node generation, so that the available nodes change with your gather level. I.e. if you're only able to use a Common pickaxe, you can go into an Epic adventure, and all mining nodes will be Common, meaning you won't be limited to specific low level adventures while you're levelling your gathering
  • Added 2 additional stash loadouts
  • Adjusted gather node generation location so that they don't generate in doorways
  • Adjusted cooldown for all summon relics to be 90s instead of 60s
  • Adjusted gathering speed to tune it down from 2.8s to 2s
  • Adjusted War Pledge and Band of Irim damage reduction to melee and increased value and updated war pledge appearance
  • Adjusted energy regen on Zigzag Zeal and Legion's Fall to be 200%
  • Adjusted some monster types to ensure there aren't so many undead monsters
  • Adjusted Bloodrage Chalice effect from 5s to 10s
  • Adjusted gather 'miss' chance to a flat 20% across all tiers
  • Adjusted Seal of the Warden energy consumption to be more appropriate for summoning a mini-boss
  • Relic Essence will no longer spawn in a chest
  • Re-added 3 day pendant
  • Fixed melee attack combo animations so that dps is fixed
  • Fixed Cloth on various Outfits
  • Fixed wall generation in Plains and Ruins where the fences would be rotated wrong
  • Fixed Xilborne using wrong poison
  • Fixed relics such as Eerie Epitaph, Eggdemon, and Frosty Demon, including the companions, so they all behave properly
  • Potentially added fixes for black/blue screen
  • Fixed all weapons that were adding modifiers to damage and speed, so that they use the proper weapon modifiers, and not passive effects, which applied the effect to everything
  • Adjusted Tuxedo Tom, Penguin, etc head slots
  • Fixed links to items like Doomorak
8 months ago

Minor patch: 271

  • Adjusted Nercoclerics, Necromages and Bombardiers to improve how they respond to the player
  • Adjusted Howler's Wrath to be 100% damage block for 2s, removed the movement slowdown and reduced the delay to instant for activation. This item is meant as a directional shield to block damage in the facing direction. It's a skill item.
  • Added energy and health consumption to the item tooltips
  • player has 150 health, they'll take 125 damage, reducing health to 25 and then Helixir will heal for 75% of the damage taken (Your health will then increase to 118). This will happen immediately, with no delay.
  • Reverted change to Doomorak Armor. It will no longer break, and nor will Nyctonaut Armor. Since these items have limited supplies, it makes it too difficult to reconstruct the set again as there's such a low supply of them, and if you did manage to secure them again, there's a very small chance they could break soon after again anyway and you'd have to repeat the cycle.
  • Fixed Helixir so that it correctly allows full damage to be dealt to the player, and then applies the buff afterwards. This means if the player has 100 health, and incoming damage is 125, the player will die before the effect is applied. But if the player has 150 health, they'll take 125 damage, leaving 25 health and the helixir will immediately heal for 93 health leaving the player with 118.
  • Fixed Shadowstrike so it can't insta-disappear when it sees the player
  • Fixed Ruby Evanbrook egg replenish rate
  • Fixed Bone Reaper back slot
9 months ago

General News

Darthrauka has taken over the raffle!

9 months ago

Minor patch: 270

  • Skelearchers no longer have access to Peppermint Pekoe
  • Fixed issue with Wardens causing bugged damage or multiple spam of some relics
  • Added settings to toggle energy and health warnings to settings
  • Fixed effects like howls now applying correctly
  • Fixed bounty generation issues
  • Adjusted Hamlin and Isobella hat slots
9 months ago

Minor patch: 269

  • Fixed Goals not showing
  • Fixed endless loading screen due to King Karthulu outfit missing reference
  • Fixed town nightness creeping into all adventures
  • Fixed pets not being able to see any breakable objects
9 months ago

Major patch: 268 - Apocalyptic Nightmares

  • Talmuth has been transformed into a Halloween hellscape
  • Readjusted and balanced all monsters and adventures to create a better progression curve for players, taking into account the gaps in the virtual and digital collectibles and focusing on consumable use
  • Armor properties for Guardian, Olkepthian, Moonjackal, Razorwind, Nyctonaut, and Doomorak have been updated so that these armors break, but 10x less than all other armors. Once you open the Armor Remains, the parts you didn't claim will be thrown back into the loot pool for others to find.
  • Added new cosmetics to the Splendor Chest
  • Updated all monster types as some were using the wrong type
  • Updated Heart of the Horde and Beast Lock to perform better
  • Updated Horn of the Forsaken, Frosty Diversion, Eerie Epitaph, Serpentina's Vengeance, Seal of the Warden, and Eggdemon duration, cooldown, energy use and removed the use limits (This will be monitored going forward and may be adjusted)
  • A healthy helping of quality of life changes and bug fixes
  • Who turned out the lights in the tavern?
9 months ago

Minor patch: 267

  • Fixed weapon damage not being modified by relics
  • Fixed all damage issues from Beam, Ray and Blast Relics where damage didn't actually hit
  • Fixed Junglecharm so that it correctly only damages the target it traps
  • Fixed collision on gather nodes from blocking projectiles
  • Fixed all tooltip delays
  • Fixed rare issue with favorite items
  • Fixed Brute Force Potion so that it correctly applies stun, instead of shock
  • Updated Bane of Immortals to use an instant blast
9 months ago

Minor patch: 266

  • Fixed membership shop being broken
  • Fixed area of effect damage randomly missing targets, such as Stellarfire Amulet
  • Fixed gather spots not disabling their collision when completed
  • Fixed relics getting buffs from effects that buff magic weapons
  • Reduced the gather nodes festiveness
9 months ago

Major patch: 265 - Cataclysmic Odyssey

  • Adjusted weapon and relic energy requirements
  • Added some new monsters and adjusted existing, including adjusting how Necroclerics and their spawned minions work
  • Adjusted all monster spawns and populations, adding a variety of levels and adjusting some damage and health values, as well as some minor behavior changes
  • Adjusted and balanced all adventures
  • Drondor, Grod, Netherdemon and Warden are no longer immune to certain damage types, such as Explosive (They're still immune/resistant to some effects though, this will be updated in the future)
  • Adjusted effects for Bane of Immortals, Frostbite Dawn, Infernal Hellfire, The Mask of Atticus Crowley, The Mask of Elijah Crowley and The Mask of Hugo Crowley,
  • Updated damage, energy and cooldown for Amulet of Chaos, Amulet of Magnetism, Goodman Goggles, Junglecharm, Kinetic Charm, Scarlet Shatterstorm, Stellarfire Amulet, and Tinted Tempest
  • Converted White Ingress Feather to Bloodspire Ring, The Devouring Void to Arcanum Pulse, and Stone of Infliction to Voltcore Amulet
  • Adjusted explosive damage to apply equal damage to all targets, instead of splitting it
  • Adjusted all splash and aoe damage and effects to affect up to a maximum of 4 targets
  • Changed Enchanted Isle to only hide remaining nodes when a certain count of loot is spawned, instead of the count of nodes
  • Breakable items now all use a pure RNG chance for breaking (items can break the first time you use them because there's no durability)
  • Updated all introduction Quests to form a better path for new players
  • Allow attack or roll to cancel morph
  • Removed the damage reduction from freeze effect
  • Bounties no longer require a specific count or level of monster, instead it's based on the experience
  • Updated Heart of the Horde and Beast Lock to be more interesting and added a third encounter Greed Goblin
  • Enabled tabbing between fields in the marketplace listing slots and auto focus the quantity field when a new buy/sell order is created
  • Added favorite toggle to stash and marketplace
  • Added cosmetics to players around town
  • The formerly plentiful wellspring of revitalization in Talmuth has suffered an unexpected demise due to a coordinated endeavor by a group of Rogs, who through sustained attacks, successfully obliterated it. Regrettably, the enigmatic nature of this ancient sorcery remains a mystery, leaving you with the task of depending on your own body's natural rejuvenation abilities moving forward. Alternatively, you may opt to ingest substances that can facilitate this process for you.
  • Fixed a rare issue where sometimes arrows would miss their target
  • Fixed Cavalier Crusader so that it correctly blocks attacks
  • Fixed Overseer links not always working correctly
  • Fixed issues with gamepad and character window focus
  • Fixed culling of some mobs and accessories such as capes
  • Fixed items that use senses like invisibility so that they work again (Tears of Serenity, Invisibility potion, Lunar Lullaby)
9 months ago

Minor patch: 264

  • Reverted weapon energy consumption change until next patch when other features are in place
  • Fixed issue with player stopping movement when you activate items from your slot using the mouse
10 months ago

Minor patch: 263

  • Updated Chat message appearance
  • Adjusted energy consumption for each weapon rarity
  • Updated Shiny Title appearance to make them stand out some more
  • Updated Jungle theme to ensure you can see edging better (Will have impact on performance, but will monitor)
  • Show a notification message when you consume an experience tome
  • Ensure that opening the character window toggles the cursor rotation lock
  • Changed it so that item descriptions are hidden on adventures, unless you use shift
  • Moved the logout button and made it's hit area smaller
  • Minor preparations for monster level variance and population diversity, affecting low rarity adventures (more to come in the next update)
  • Updated lighting in cave adventures to make it more cave like
  • Updated long running check and application to fix issues with screen blackout
  • Fixed being unable to use relics/backpack items while morphed (it now correct demorphs)
  • Fixed rifts requiring inventory space
  • Fixed encounters such as Heart of the Horde, along with items such as Frosty Diversion causing non progressions
  • Fixed collision around town blocking areas
  • Fixed Tome of Tranquility so you can only spawn it near you and correctly applies damage reduction
  • Fixed level up notification using the wrong level
  • Fixed invisible one way walls, by adjusting navigation mesh tile size
  • Fixed issue with free players attempting to buy more than 5 raffle tickets
  • Fixed the tomes so you can't use in an adventure, and so that they used the standard way to consume
  • Fixed level progress max not being correct if you progress through multiple levels at once
  • Fixed issues where the player can queue consuming items while windows such as the shop are open
10 months ago

Minor patch: 262

  • Fixed inability to drag items from the stash, that have more than 1 instance, into a loadout slot. Such as an outfit (Ctrl+click will still auto equip)
  • Fixed player energy replenish, so that it only starts replenishing when you have stopped consuming energy for a while (I.e. you're resting) and adjusted the speed as it's not meant to replace consumables
  • Fixed Exit portal not appearing on the map
  • Fixed damage value colors being the opposite of what they were meant to be
  • Fixed the avatar not appearing when you're using the transparent map
  • Fixed Tomes being able to be used on adventures
  • Fixed slots 6 and above triggering repeatedly
11 months ago

Major patch: 261 - Echoes of Ascension

  • Changed grenade damage from Full Damage to All Targets to Shared Damage Among Targets
  • Changed energy and health so that they're both fully unlocked from level 1
  • Changed how armor works, so that it adjusts your base health and energy and additionally has a minor debuf
  • Changed energy regen so that it regenerates all the way to max, if you wait long enough
  • Changed various Champion Rewards now that the health and energy progression was removed
  • Changed how teleport scrolls work, so that you activate them and simply wait for it to activate. If you move, attack or are damaged, you'll cancel the teleport
  • Changed gathering to support Mythical and Transcendent nodes
  • Changed Antipoison and Fireproof potion to instantly cure and give you 100% protection from the relevant DOT effects
  • Added Gold Merchant and Stash Deposit box to the emporium
  • Added new Outfit Rootguard, and Splendor and Astral Chests to the shop
  • Added new rifts around town
  • Added new Enchanted Isle
  • Added Ascension when you reach level 120, including an ascension cinematic
  • Added tons of new items that can be gathered, and others than are created through production skills
  • Added support for an experimental shield mechanic, which reduces incoming physical damage by 15% and can be topped up by consumables
  • Added new stock to Bartender
  • Added new monsters that have a chance to spawn from gathered nodes
  • Added sort by Total Value option to stash and sort by Market Price to Encyclopedia
  • Adjusted Lethal Adrenaline Potion, Peachfoil Potion and Brute Force Potion effects
  • Ensure we show the amount of healing we do from passives and conversion, and don't allow damage conversion on damage we self inflict (or our team inflicts)
  • Separated ammo and weapon damage so that they're no longer on the same tooltip
  • Updated the UI to move the morph to it's own slot now that shield takes up the center, and also reverted to always showing the full inventory on the hud
  • Renamed Ripjawleather to Crocleather
  • Fixed monsters such as Wrune being unable to jump through the player
  • Feeble Ring of Rejuvenation is now Archer's Amulet, Feeble Ring of Vitality is now Astral Amulet, Authentic CoppertunAnchor is now Raw Flopper
  • Gold Crumbs has been replaced with Junglecharm
  • Ripjawleather/hide is now Crocleather/hide
  • Updated various food and potion items to make way for the shield addition
  • Many quality of life improvements and fixes
11 months ago

Minor patch: 260

  • Fixed support for Silver Ore (will appear once enough players have upgraded to this patch)
  • Fixed Marketplace (and similar npcs) from teleporting away when you go outside and interact with another item
  • Fixed an issue where some monsters would ignore the player when there were too many other monsters around the player
  • Updated Aegis of Erridrus image
one year ago

Minor patch: 259

  • Fixed Hatchets that are spawned in adventures from phasing through the floor
  • Added membership menu item to the main menu with information about membership, as well as the ability to purchase and activate pendants on the same screen
  • Fixed Pet and Companion ranges and logic to improve their ability to break containers
  • Added skills information to the player windows (clicking an avatar in chat, or interacting with a player in town)
  • Updated Jack in the Box style to move away from original meme style from Telegram and make it a little more believable
  • Fixed shop preview not working
  • Adjusted Beast Lock to reduce time between waves now that players are more used to the new movement and monster mechanics
  • Changed radial menu so that it doesn't auto close on activation if we use a button
  • Changed Wayward Watch to Lucky Bracer, Misty Lapis to Silver Ore, Redcore Ruby to Misty Lapis
  • Switched items with each other (If you held one item, you now have the other item instead) - Evergreen Onyx and Iguana Emerald, Cerulean Sapphire and Blooming Sequoia, Bhrim Shell and Scatter, Delta Diamond and Slitherskin, Starlight and Tsarium Ore
  • Changed rarity of Empty Bowl, Galaxy Stone, Natural Clay and Spectral Soulshard
  • Cancelled Marketplace orders for Wayward Watch, Cerulean Sapphire, Blooming Sequoia, Galaxy Stone, Spectral Soulshard, Natural Clay, Empty Bowl since they all had either a rarity or use change
one year ago

Minor patch: 258

  • Fixed Auto drop cheapest item option dropping the first item cheaper than the one you're picking up, and instead made it drop the cheapest you're carrying
  • Changed Auto Drop Cheapest to respect Skip Slot count if you've got Auto Sort Backpack enabled
  • Create Loadout rarity based Horde variations. If you have all Rare items, you'll join Horde (Rare). If your weapons are Rare and your relics are Legendary, you'll join Horde (Legendary).
  • Updated monster behaviour when large clusters are encountered. Monsters now correctly disengage if there's other monsters that are closer to the player
  • Updated Horde mechanics to fix performance issues when players don't kill the Horde. You'll also need to ensure you're killing the horde, in order to progress through the waves, among other changes
  • Fixed items like Lunar Lullaby, so that they lose aggro again
  • Rendering performance improvements across the entire game
  • Potentially fixed issue where you're sometimes stuck in production
  • Adjusted default gamepad character window mapping to d-pad left
  • Don't allow the camera to rotate while you're using the relic/inventory selector wheel
one year ago

Minor patch: 257

  • Fixed issues with sometimes getting stuck at the staircase within the Tavern
  • Potentially fixed the issue with some npcs disappearing for an extended lunchbreak
  • Added detachable parts on death of some monsters
  • Fixed items such as Harnyde and Plague Bearer not always appearing on the HUD when activated
  • A sinister force has gathered strength within Talmuth
  • Added a settings option to automatically drop the cheapest item you're carrying, when you pickup an item that's worth more, on an adventure
  • Performance tweaks and improvements
one year ago

Minor patch: 256

  • Fixed Helixir so that it correctly does what it's supposed to
  • Fixed Talmuth door switches
  • Fixed weapon damage system so that damage such as that from Stellarfire Amulet doesn't incorrectly count as melee damage
  • Fixed Mark of the Coven and other items that credit Energy from leeching
  • Fixed issue where weapon slots are wiped or switched when using auto sort
  • Updated Gamepad control scheme (Scroll to the end and click 'Reset all to Default' to use them) and improved the mechanics
one year ago

Minor patch: 254

  • Updated internal game engine from 2021 to 2022
  • Adjusted Champion Rewards to improve health and energy progression
  • Adjusted melee weapon ranges
  • Adjusted Amulet of Deathly Howls effect
  • Adjusted Grod hitbox
  • Don't break away from gathering unless we're taking standard damage (i.e. don't break if we're taking dot)
  • Changed Damageables being invulnerable to damage for a short period of time, as it causes too much confusion
  • Fixed Summoners so that their Summon cooldown doesn't start until at least one of their summoned has been vanquished
  • Fixed summoned companions and monsters not crediting xp to the player
  • Fixed performance issue where the fullmap still renders after being closed
one year ago

Minor patch: 253

  • Fixed Secret stash stacking issue
  • Fixed issue with opening marketplace on some accounts
  • Fixed broken breakables such as the statue causing movement issues for pets and players
  • Added Auto Sort and Skip slot options to the settings for use when picking up items on adventures
one year ago

Minor patch: 252

  • Ensure we can activate potions while attacking (but not during the damage part), but can't use throwable items (bombs) until we're not attacking
  • Added market value information to items on the ground
  • Added Sort button for backpack items, which sorts based on market value
  • Added Lock Rotation to keyboard/mouse and changed it to a toggle for both gamepad and keyboard
  • Some actions such as Switch Weapon, Roll, Interact and Morph can all be queued up to 1s. I.e. if you use them during an attack, and the attack ends within 1s it'll trigger, otherwise it'll be ignored.
  • Elixir Bottle has been removed, any bottles that were using this item now use Medium Flask instead. If you owned Elixir Bottle, they've been swapped for Medium Flask instead
  • Virtual Weapons, Relics and Armor can only be equipped if you're the correct level
  • Lofty Energy Potion is now a Legendary item with new stats, all existing marketplace orders have been cancelled
  • Updated Production requirements for Lofty Energy Potion, Vital Energy Potion, Lunar Lullaby Potion and Lethal Adrenaline Potion
  • Updated various potion images to fill the containers with more liquid
  • Changed stack limits for consumables back to 1 now that we've adjusted the lengths and stats. We'll revisit in the future.
  • Changed Name Change cost from Gold Coins to Luneri
  • Fixed Harnyde so it shows on the UI
  • Fixed Frosty the Trollman being unable to break containers
  • Fixed destroyed props so they don't block arrows
  • Fixed bounty scrolls appearing as white images on the minimap
  • Fixed bounty system announcing you completed a bounty, when you're out of inventory space
  • Optimized Jungle theme
one year ago

Minor patch: 249

  • Added weapons back to the action bar so you can see your ammo and loadout
  • Updated secret stash ctrl/shift shortcuts to work properly
  • Fixed mini boss not always spawning correctly
one year ago

Minor patch: 248

  • Adjusted Shortbow and Longbow damage values, greatly improved targeting and adjusted movement while aiming
  • Adjusted Brute Force, Discreet Melee, Discreet Ranged, Draco Juice, Enhanced Melee, Enhanced Ranged, Fortification, Lethal Adrenaline, Resistance and Swiftness potions effect length
  • Adjusted the appearance of Skelenaut and Skeltor so they don't blend in as much
  • Adjusted some monster stats and abilities to fix bugs and further balance their health and damage values
  • Adjusted explosive damage to reduce the further from the epicenter of the explosion the target is
  • Adjusted drop rates for bounty scrolls
  • Added individual button inputs for camera as an alternative camera control method
  • Updated the marketplace window to add tabs for the graphs
  • Fixed pets struggling to hit some containers
  • Fixed aiming system when holding down camera rotation, so that it aims at the last held position
  • Fixed aiming system when using camera rotation lock, so it aims forward and away, allowing you to throw bombs away from yourself instead of at your feet
  • Fixed various entities still being able to apply damage after death
  • Fixed non-weapon damage being applied as weapon damage, and triggering relics and other items
  • Fixed Stash not remembering and updating the search field properly
  • Ensure you can't activate items while you're casting morph
  • Limited framerate on the main menu and some other screens
one year ago

Minor patch: 246

  • Fixed issues with inventory display
one year ago

Minor patch: 245

  • Added the ability to show the inventory slots on the action bar by using a toggle in settings
  • Updated the marketplace window design, and included a checkbox for small list items
  • Ensure Stash and Marketplace remember settings within the current session
  • Updated the design of the Marketplace window, and added an option for 'Small List Items' to the bottom left corner
  • Fixed some mob regeneration where it would activate at the wrong time
  • Fixed Summoning and Conjuring relics so that they don't gain buffs/debuffs from relics meant only for weapon damage
  • Fixed damage from the grave for some monsters
  • Fixed the Dark Torment Stun effect radius not matching the effect and fixed the stun effect so that if it applies the last damage it credits the player
  • Fixed Shadowstrike so it doesn't aim towards you during the strike after appearing
  • Fixed Bleed effect staying around after death
  • Fixed Dividing Supremacy scale
  • Fixed energy use when using items such as Stellarfire Amulet
  • Updated StreamerKit
one year ago

Minor patch: 244

  • Added new relics Potent Ring of Vitality and Potent Ring of Rejuvenation
  • Added new weapons Axe of Mediocrity and Great Maul of Mediocrity
  • Added an option to the settings to set the Full Map transparent and non-interactive
  • Added support for virtual joystick hud and fine tuning controls in the settings
  • Added Owned text to all marketplace listings
  • Added Owned sort list entry so you can order the marketplace by the count that you own
  • Added support for editing marketplace orders, which just cancels and starts a new order with the same values
  • Allow switch weapon to be triggered much earlier than the attack end
  • Allow roll to be performed in more situations, including during an attack
  • Fixed 'Lock Cursor to Window' resetting the cursor position to center
  • Fixed camera toggle not working and added Camera toggle to Gamepad
  • Fixed bug where you can pickup items and they can disappear
  • Some monsters have built up resistance or immunity to some damage types such as fire and explosives, be careful and adjust as necessary!
  • Adjusted health and knockback values for Slither and Ripjaw and adjusted health on Shadowstrike
  • Adjusted appearance of gather nodes and chests to make them stand out more and changed the scavenge node appearance. You can now also move through scavenge and fish nodes.
  • Adjusted Amulet of Deathly Howls to be +15% more melee damage when health is below 50%
  • Adjusted knockback so that it has a 60% chance of happening no matter the damage, when Crit damage is done
  • Adjusted standard damage knockback depending on level of mob, higher level mobs are less likely to be knocked back by only damage
  • Fixed damage being applied from Photonic Incubator
  • Fixed Holy Remedy
  • Fixed being able to start using another item, while still using the last item, causing the first to be cancelled
  • Fixed mouse cursor remaining hidden when in rotate lock and you open the character window
  • Fixed keybinds that you clear, from being reset
  • Adjusted shortbows to give you some slight movement ability while firing
  • Necrocleric will now only top up missing summoned monsters, instead of spawning additional
  • Bombs now only do 50% of damage to yourself
one year ago

Minor patch: 243

  • Improved monster reset distance and improved how their regen works
  • Increased the hitbox size for the cherry ball
  • Changed Character window so that you can still control your character while it's open
  • Adjusted the range of longbow arrows so that they travel further and do additional damage
  • Adjusted all virtual weapon damage and energy use
  • Fixed Westfell not loading
  • Fixed damage and other stats not appearing on the end screen
  • Fixed Cursor Lock setting not working
  • Fixed the speed of one handed axes, which were swinging too slow
  • Fixed inability to pickup stackable items if the slots weren't empty
  • Fixed inability to drop items from your hot bar
  • Fixed items like Harnyde
  • Fixed getting stuck while gathering if you're hit by a monster that stuns you, or if you start morphing before you interact with something
  • Fixed cursor not returning to last position that you rotated camera from
one year ago

Minor patch: 242

  • Fixed perma-locked chests in adventures
one year ago

Major patch: 241 - Tsunami Of Change

  • Changed from click to move to direct input. WASD controls your character movement, hold right mouse button and move mouse to rotate camera. Left Click attacks. You can also use a gamepad, but it's not able to control the interface yet and buttons aren't final. There are various options available in settings to help you adjust, but it's recommended you learn the new control scheme for optimal play.
  • Power attack has been removed, there's just attack (which can now be chained) and always consumes Energy.
  • Aiming for Relics, Weapons, Bombs, etc has been updated to a more intuitive reticule with a small delay till auto fire.
  • All new movement, monsters, stats, mechanics, damage and screaming. Oh wait, the screaming is you.
  • Player Health, Energy and Monster Health has all been changed, with progression added into Champion Rewards.
  • All new key bindings and input system. Learn the new defaults or customize to your liking.
  • The energy system has been overhauled and reworked to fit in with the new weapon and other changes.
  • Morphs are useful in more situations now but have a delay when casting.
  • Gameplay interface has been revised, only major slots shown, majority of inventory moved to new Character window (Default Key: Tab)
  • Relic and Inventory Radial Menus have been added and appear at your mouse cursor position. (Default Keys: Ctrl or Alt)
  • Stash layout has been updated to reflect new Character window.
  • New Unforeseen Challenges added, with more to come in the future!
  • Available adventures, monsters and nodes have been reworked in preparation for future updates, and new experimental Adventure map replaces the previous list.
  • Items Changed: Grunt Gizzard > Gizzards, Grunt Meat > Hock, Vampleather > Ripjawleather, Ogum Heart > Drondor Heart, Tainted Mellithian > Amulet of Magnetism, Arlatan > Scarlet Shatterstorm, Mists of Deception > Stellarfire Amulet.
  • New effects for Kinetic Charm, Tinted Tempest, Serpentina's Vengeance, Horn of the Forsaken, Goodman Goggles, The Executioner
  • Optimizations to reduce CPU/GPU usage, in most cases performance has been increased 200%
  • Known Issues: Player animations still need work, along with weapon/hand alignment
one year ago

Minor patch: 239

  • Fixed issue where newly activated accounts can't load into town
  • Minor tweaks and improvements
one year ago

Major patch: 238 - World Of Lunaria

  • Entire shop system has been moved into the in-game Main Menu
  • New Virtual Currency Luneri added for use within the in-game shop
  • Credit Card payments are now available
  • Optimized and pre-loaded additional content so that moving around town and into/out of buildings requires no loading screen
  • Fixed spinning on the spot sometimes when you interact with objects
  • Minor fixes and tweaks
one year ago

Minor patch: 237

  • Updated Main menu theme and loading screens
  • Fixed Spyglass not working
  • Fixed Exit Portal appearing by itself, instead of only after you discovered it and added a 'Discovered' and 'Activated' icon for the portal
  • Fixed it so that swapping weapons doesn't affect invisibility (This fixes Tears of Serenity), and made it so that interacting with objects no longer removes invisibility
  • Minor fixes and improvements
one year ago

General News

Conqueron appears to be on the brink of defeat. Hold steady, push forward, and by this time tomorrow, the veil of darkness should be dispelled, reigning Talmuth, victorious!

one year ago

General News

As goes the darkness, so goes most of the unfulfilled creations, that came along with it. If you wish to participate in any of these sinister dealings, you better act quickly. Event items, unassembled weapons, etc will all be lost, as Conqueron, falls.

one year ago

Minor patch: 236

  • Fixed the issue that some people were experiencing with power attacks reverting to standard attacks in certain situations
one year ago

Minor patch: 235

  • Fixed Beach and Cave themes that generated blocking walls
  • Fixed chat window causing tooltips to appear when it's closed
  • Fixed Terror Tome showing passive effect on UI
  • Fixed weather sounds (eg Heavy Rain) playing at full volume even when sounds are muted
  • Fixed not properly demorphing when you gather
  • Fixed navigation on release of mouse, when you've got line of sight but didn't when you started. This fixes an issue with walking up to interactive objects but then spinning or not engaging when you get there
  • Fixed adventure map not being available near your stash, and repositioned it to the end of the hallway
  • Updated Town Portal to only show the exit icon when it's available, as well as playing a unique sound when it opens
  • Made some initial changes to the Main Menu, as we work towards moving the web shop into the game
  • If you are in an adventure and don't have a tool for gathering, don't show the nodes as interactive
  • Performed some optimizations to various areas to help with performance on lower end machines
  • Added pending friend request count in the top bar
  • Removed floating witch hat (this was accidentally added and not part of anything)
one year ago

General News

Looks like Conqueron has just called for reinforcements. He's clearly not going to go down without a fight. Expect to see his most seasoned fighters entering the front lines. Stand your ground!

one year ago

General News

Watcher Sumpits have been spotted in Mulfiddich Moors!

one year ago

Minor patch: 234

  • Updated Arrow Production Output to help reduce arrow market prices
  • Updated Autocomplete to allow misspellings and corrections
  • Fixed modifier issue for some effects such as poison damage
  • Fixed Netherband still applying bonus damage when ranged. Fixed it good, fixed it real good.
one year ago

Minor patch: 233

  • Added auto complete for player names and item names in the chat box (type @ or ^ and continue typing. You can press tab to auto complete, or click with the mouse)
  • Fixed rewards that credit titles, not disappering once credited
  • Fixed 'staring into the sun' loading screens on Mac
  • Fixed Mount Olkepth sometimes generating doorways that were blocked
  • Added colors to the marketplace buttons and titles
  • Fixed Necrofancy damage output to ensure it only applies to critical damage
  • Fixed Netherband not focusing just on melee damage
  • Updated marketplace window to reduce size of graphs and allow the recent sales to be always visible
one year ago

Minor patch: 232

  • Fixed Doomorak armor reducing damage by 70% instead of 30%
  • Increased the size of the tavern score board to show the top 10 places
  • Fixed pathing when button is released
  • Fixed dreamscape monster selection and changed the monster selection interface to make it more intuitive and visual
  • Reduced some gather node hitboxes
  • Fixed Conqueron and Dark Torment effects playing at full volume when sounds are disabled
  • Adjusted swamps so that rocks don't overlap into the play area
  • Changed it so that if you try to use an item/relic while morphed, you demorph and use, instead of doing nothing
  • Fixed necro and obeon health values so that it better aligns with the new class splits
one year ago

Minor patch: 231

  • Fixed issue where right clicking nodes or monsters causes you to run over to them even when you're using hold attack
  • Fixed issue where you can get stuck in weird gathering poses, phantom gather completions, or use your weapons to attempt to gather
  • Mowed some grass in graveyard and ruins and then sat down in it, wondering where the next relic will be hidden
  • Fixed input issue with right click attack performing a left click attack when queued
  • Fixed Hoodgoblin posessed armor
one year ago

Major patch: 230 - 14 Days Of Night

  • Fixed Scavenge node collision
  • Moved Passive Effect buffs and debuffs to their own bars
  • Fixed Eggdemon doing damage when it explodes, and increased it's health to 1500
  • Increased Frosty Diversion health to 1500
  • Removed various environment, substance and monster specific modifiers from weapons. I.e. Bows no longer have a debuff on certain monsters
  • Adjusted the size of the Full map when it's centered
  • Adjusted player and interaction hitboxes. The hitboxes are small around town, since there's no frantic gameplay, making it easier to navigate, instead of accidentally interacting
  • Monsters can now choose to favor targets based on their dps. Mini-bosses can now choose to target something else damaging them, i.e. if a player attacks them while they're focused on an Eggdemon, they may switch targets
  • Fixed when monsters go out of range of the player, and then back in, being stuck
  • Fixed aim assist for ranged weapons, so that you can fire and hit monsters who are moving
  • Fixed monsters picking points to move away to, that appear to be close, but require a 10 minute jog to get there
  • Fixed being able to damage Grods when they haven't yet spawned
  • Fixed right click targeting no longer working if you have the auto hold option along with various other targeting issues with key combinations
  • Fixed minimap revealing random walls
  • Updated scroll portal to allow you to enter from any direction and also ensure when it's spawned, it's not spawned within a wall
  • Added /closedm command for direction messages
  • Added wall avoidance for the player character, to help with sliding/pushing along walls
  • Relics that reveal map parts no longer show walls, only the ground
  • Updated the main menu UI design
  • Added message if you don't have enough energy to execute a power attack
  • Updated the burn effect to make it more obvious
one year ago

Minor patch: 229

  • Fixed monsters and players not responding correctly to navigation rules
  • Fixed some passive effects not displaying correctly in the effects bar
one year ago

Minor patch: 228

  • Fixed Grod creating invisible walls and emulating pacman in maps
  • Fixed attack with right click while holding shift, then queuing up another right click executing as a left click
  • Fixed fishing nodes allowing players to walk all over them
  • Fixed loadout slots showing before you unlocked them
  • Fixed passive effect bar text remaining if you were hovering over an effect and it was removed
  • Fixed getting locked into gathering if you tried to cancel while clicking the node again and then immediately clicking again to move
one year ago

Minor patch: 227

  • Replaced the navigation, pathfinding and avoidance system that was causing random crashes, with a brand new system. Spent a lot of time polishing and improving the player movement feel, making it feel much more responsive. All known crashes are now fixed.
  • Updated input system from Click to Move to Click and Move in preparation for controller input in the future. (Holding down the mouse will move you directly towards a target, including running into walls if you don't control it, but upon button release, if the target has no clear line of sight, and you're close enough, pathfinding will be used to navigate, which now matches most other ARPGs). If you're used to clicking, instead of click-holding, you won't notice too many differences. (Auto pathfinding distance has been reduced, meaning you'll need to guide your character, giving you much more control)
  • Increased speed of Morphs from 30% to 50%
  • Adjusted one-handed sword and axe values
  • Reduced energy consumption for ranged weapons that make use of ammo
  • Added option to settings for Map position
  • Added the ability to re-friend and unfriend people. The Friends window now has various options.
  • Added logic to ensure that teleport scrolls don't spawn teleporters within walls
  • Added 1 second cooldown for triggering morph, so that you don't accidentally activate and deactivate
  • Changed player marker in full map to be above all other elements, and slightly increased the size
  • Changed all passive effects to only show on the UI if they've got a timer or are temporary
  • Updated morph footstep sounds to be more appropriate for a morph
  • Fixed early maps spawning combined mobs (such as level 2 or 3 Skeltors)
  • Fixed right clicking a monster with 'Auto hold' enabled, and you follow them instead of attacking them
  • Talmuth Tavern owner Merek exclaimed how thrilled he was with the recent Tavern renovations, particularly because they were all completed in the blink of an eye, with no downtime or inconveniences to customers. He's hoping to enlist the same workers in the future when he next needs to expand
one year ago

Minor patch: 226

  • Fixed Amulet of Deathly Howls, Darkheart Medallion and Dracoberry Jawbreaker effects
  • Reverted change to Poison because it's not ready yet
one year ago

Minor patch: 225

  • Credit card payments through Circle will no longer be possible after the 24th September, if you were thinking about using your Credit Card for any purchases, be sure to do so before then!
  • Moved the Passive Effects bar from the left to just above the Relic Slots and changed their size and appearance
  • Updated damage popups to use several versions depending on the message as well as reducing their bounciness for most cases.
  • Passive Effects now stay active on killed monsters, to ensure you can see that the effect was applied. The effect is only visual.
  • You can now interact with a gather node while morphed (You'll demorph when you do)
  • Added Marketplace Value estimates of the items you found when you complete an Adventure
  • Moved Full/Expanded map to the top right corner and reduced the size to ensure the view isn't blocked so much
  • The toxic chemical used by monster poison has evolved and now lasts up to 30 seconds
  • Fixed long running effects from running shorter than intended when changing adventures
  • Fixed Goals window not toggling correctly when you haven't unlocked it yet, as well as resized and changed it to a standard window like all the other top bar windows
  • Fixed Immune messages from projectiles such as Tornados
  • Fixed Morph Cooldown where sometimes it took longer than expected
  • Fixed running to an interactable object and morphing while running there causing you to be stuck when you arrive.
  • Fixed hotkeys showing for inventory slots
  • Changed message about equipping items before adventure is started to a more appropriate "Blocked"
  • Removed the ability to change equipped arrows while on an adventure for now, it'll return in the future
one year ago

Minor patch: 224

  • Fixed weapons like Slice Of Life not working on weak monsters, due to them dying before the damage could be leeched. This is now run in the correct order so that the weapon has a chance to leech before all damages are applied.
  • Added burst animation to damage popups, and included physics velocity in the direction damage is dealt from
  • Added text animation to item info popups for items on the ground
  • Fixed keybinds for Goals, Relics and Inventory Slots
  • Updated Secret Slot key tooltips and fixed shift+click on Secret Slots so that it only moves a single item to your inventory
  • Fixed Scorn effect so that it correctly leeches health
one year ago

Minor patch: 223

  • Added option to settings window to disable Discord Presence
  • Added keybinds for Relic Slot 6 and Inventory Slots 19 and 20
  • Hide the goals window by default
  • Fixed being unable to start an adventure if you had a bow equipped, but no ammo
  • Fixed missing walls in some cave maps
  • Fixed adventure generation where shortcuts are created for one way doors
  • Show the link text within the content creator notification
  • Added missing Equip button for Ammo in the Stash
  • Adjusted Seal of the Warden and Thaabor's Might effects and adjusted War Pledge visuals
  • Fixed Scorn damage conversion so that it converts in the correct damage order
  • Fixed ambient audio causing piercing crystal riser effects due to multiple voices
  • Updated shadow cascades for very high graphics quality
one year ago

Major patch: 222 - A New Dawn Approaches

  • Added the ability to purchase website shop items as a gift for another player (including accounts not yet activated), and include a message if desired
  • Added Content Creator announcement system which is integrated with the discord #content-creators channel. Any posts with links from verified content creators will be broadcast to all running game instances and include the text that was written in the discord message. This feature can be disabled in the game settings.
  • Added an additional Relic slot and 2 additional inventory slots
  • Added Raffle system
  • Added Secret Stash
  • Added Dreamscape
  • Added the ability to favorite production skill recipes (Limited to 16). The required items will appear in the stash when you use the requirements filter
  • Added the ability to favorite Encyclopedia items (Limited to 128). Favorites will appear in the stash (and other windows) when you use the new Favorites filter
  • Adjusted Thaarbor's Might attack speed from 15% to 25%
  • Added External Accounts menu item to website Account page, so that you can manually link Discord
  • Locked access to Wheel Of Wonder, Goals and Raffle access until you complete the new beginner Quests for them
  • Fixed camera pulling too close to player when it collides with terrain
  • Fixed Festive Frenzy damaging the player if they're nearby
  • Updated top bar icons
  • Updated Player loadout data for a final time, which should auto upgrade for everyone, but if you lose your loadouts, we're really really sorry, we'll go stand in the corner and face the wall :(
  • Adjusted map reveal distance and adjusted buried monster alert distance so that you don't need to do as much zig-zagging to locate them
  • Adjusted adventure exit portal to only open once a much larger amount of monsters have been disposed of
  • Chests will no longer spawn in adventures, unless they contain a blockchain item
  • Adjusted lighting in Arkhire Mines
  • Updated Movine Fruitcake values because they were wrong
  • Updated the design of the skills book window
  • Updated xp text on mouse over to show how much xp till the next level
  • Fixed weather sounds playing at full volume
  • Added fishing and removed woodcutting from Evanbrook Plains
  • Updated Power Pendant toolbar text to show more granular time, and changed Gold Coins and Shadowstones to show full balances, instead of truncated
  • To combat recent fraud attempts, you can only start withdrawing Shadowstones when you reach level 18
  • Added toggle option to settings for Bloom
  • Added search to friends list and added colors for status
  • Fixed effects like fire damage from masks not resetting items like Tears of Serenity
  • Tons of quality of life updates
one year ago

General News

Miniboss and other entity spawn rates were incorrectly set to very close to 100%, these have now been adjusted to what they should be.

one year ago

Minor patch: 220

  • Merged Skills into Skills Book
  • Ensure Morph full sound is only played once
  • Updated input to ensure if we're force attacking over an interactive or carryable object, that we still attack, instead of doing nothing
  • Added Bug Report Id to top right corner, when reporting bugs, be sure this is visible in your screenshots and/or reports!
  • Adjusted portals to use a small collider and allow you to enter closer than before
  • Updated adventure generation so that blockable objects aren't spawned near other important objects
  • Fixed one way doors allowing monsters on the other side to be alerted in some rare situations
  • Fixed Moonlit Valor effect appearing on the HUD
  • Modified loadout data format for stability between patches (sorry if it resets again!)
one year ago

Minor patch: 219

  • Fixed being unable to activate morph while certain effects such as Amulet of Deathly Howls is active
  • Fixed all targeting issues with doors vs players in town
  • Fixed targeting issue when a queued attack results in a movement command instead of attack
  • Fixed items such as The Spyglass Of Captain Moonscar
  • Fixed other player characters remaining at their original locations and populating choke points
  • Fixed various objects such as eggs and bombs, so they no longer travel through walls
  • Adjusted hit boxes and navigation sizes to better ensure you can attack monsters even when close
  • Adjusted speeds of gather animations to normalize across all and to speed them all up to match each other
  • Reduced roll energy requirement from 25 to 10
  • Removed Goals from top left corner
one year ago

Minor patch: 218

  • Fixed some minor issues with Morphs and their use
  • Fixed the hit boxes around doorways to make them easier to hit in situations where the new target selection couldn't see them
  • Fixed ammo count showing in both weapon and ammo slot
  • Fixed target selection not working in all cases, and randomly in some adventures
  • Increased range of masks to account for changes with targeting system
one year ago

Minor patch: 217

  • Added Morph Hotkey to Control Settings
  • Fixed target picking not working properly on adventures or for doors around town
  • Increased base movement speed and adjusted morph percentage to account for increase
one year ago

Minor patch: 216

  • Added support for Morphs
  • Added dedicated Outfit slots next to the new Morph slots in the Stash
  • Updated target picking to give weighting to more interesting targets (players around your stash are lower priority than your stash now)
  • Improved AI movement and behaviours
  • Added keybinds for map zoom and goals
  • Added goals to the top bar
  • Fixed melee and ranged potion issues
  • Ensure gather nodes can't block narrow passages
  • Changed chat behaviour, so that if you trigger it with the keyboard, the input is focused, but if you click the chat button, the input box isn't forcefully focused
  • Removed some of the grease in the Prize Wheel, so it doesn't spin for so long
  • Fixed getting stuck in dungeon start rooms
  • Fixed adventure generation creating shortcuts for one way loops
  • Fixed unspawned entities not always seeing you and sometimes blocking doorways
  • Fixes Mists of Deception and disabled distortion shader for various relics that were causing particles to disappear
  • Removed level up gifts, as we have various other reward mechanics now (Champion Rewards, Daily Goals, etc)
  • Minor fixes and improvements
one year ago

Minor patch: 215

  • Fixed Moonlit Valor and Lunar Lullaby not being stackable
  • Fixed chests being able to walk
  • Removed shop keeper confirmation prompt
  • Additional potential fixes for random crashes (We can't reproduce the crashes ourselves, so we're guessing what might be wrong, some are related to old computers that struggle with physics)
  • Performance improvements for lowest quality settings
  • Minor fixes and improvements
2 years ago

Minor patch: 214

  • Fixed Epochrome gem material brightness
  • Fixed DMs not being saved when you travel between zones
  • Fixed monsters being alerted when you're invisible
  • Fixed Loadouts not saving across patches (it'll be cleared again this time though, sorry!)
  • Fixed various things such as Grod and gather nodes creating invisible walls and not highlighting
  • Fixed Moonlit Valor and Tome of Tranquility not working when used together
  • Fixed being able to switch weapons while rolling, causing you to get stuck
  • Fixed issue with some map parts being revealed incorrectly
  • More fixes to LODs which were added for potato peeling
  • Added Outfits to Loadouts
  • Additional performance improvements
  • Potential fixes for random crashes
  • Updated Friends display order
  • Changed Peachfoil Potion to be activated over 10 seconds
  • Various minor tweaks and improvements
2 years ago

Minor patch: 213

  • Improved performance around town and in some adventures. Used some old methods to improve performance on potato (below minimum specification) systems, but has some adverse effects on newer graphics cards. (Newer GPUs can handle millions of triangles, but older struggle)
  • Updated Exit Minimap icon color
  • Additional minor tweaks and improvements
2 years ago

Minor patch: 212

  • Added confirmation to Loadout when both loading and saving
  • Added changes made indicator for loadouts
  • Adjusted the roll to allow more offensive combat, and reduced energy requirement to 25
  • Added new Darken Map Background option which is enabled by default
  • Added search to skills window
  • Adjusted how monsters are alerted to ensure less overwhelming situations
  • Adjusted monster and weapon values
  • Adjusted weapon tooltip to show DPS first and show DPH below
  • Adding missing keybinds to Controls settings
  • Added potential fix for some crashes, still chasing adventure crash
  • Added minimap icon for arrow assembly
  • Adjusted portal to stay open for 90 seconds
  • Adjusted minimap wall brightness and added background darken. Can be disabled in settings.
  • Amplified the effects on gather nodes to make them stand out more
  • Improved Plains, Beach, Swamps and Jungle themes to make things stand out some more as well as fix impassable areas
  • Fixed Town performance issues and added some more internal changes to apply different methods when setting quality. More to come soon.
  • Fixed tooltip ammo info appearing for non-weapons
  • Fixed some monster minimap icons not working properly
  • Fixed Slither applying AOE damage to poison projectile
  • Fixed Chompur applying damage for too longer after the effect had finished
  • Fixed being unable to bind E and other keys
  • Fixed Obsidian Kataclysm not working as intended
  • Fixed marketplace 'Button'
  • Fixed Seal of the Warden breaking when you try to roll (which Warden can't do)
  • Removed ammo display from stash weapon slot as it's already visible in the ammo slot
2 years ago

General News

The snow in Talmuth has melted...

2 years ago

Major patch: 210 - Worlds Evolved

  • Added new Adventure generation, including new themes, with more coming in the next update
  • Added global day/night and weather system. If it's dark and raining when you go adventuring, you should probably take a torch with you...
  • Added the ability to Roll by using Space Bar
  • Added simple Friends support and private messaging (while online)
  • Added simple Discord rich presence support on Windows, providing automatic integration with Discord
  • Added all new Champion Rewards, including virtual item protection
  • Added ammo to bows by way of arrows. Higher rarity bows can fire low level ammo, just at reduced damage.
  • Added global Health and Energy, which are no longer immediately restored on Adventure completion
  • Added the ability for virtual consumables of any rarity to be used in any rarity adventure
  • Added Overseer to chat window and Recent Trades to the Emporium
  • Added all new music, soundscapes and ambience
  • Updated all adventure monsters, requirements and shuffled some adventures around
  • Changed thrown objects (Explosives, Eggdemon, etc) to now throw in the direction of the mouse cursor, instead of player facing direction
  • Production skills can now all be performed by non-members up to Level 10. Level 10 and above require membership
  • Weapon slots are now forced melee/ranged
  • Weapon and Monster values have all been updated
  • Armor sets now include Gloves/Gauntlets
  • Replaced old Input system with new Input system (Keybinds have been reset)
  • Replaced Health Potions with Combat potions
  • Replaced Daily Rewards with new Goal system and Wheel Of Wonder
  • Replaced navigation and movement system, updated walkable areas around town, further changes soon
  • Updated Monster behaviours, abilities and values
  • Player created Armor now breaks and is Tradable
  • Chests now spawn from monsters
  • Updated Stash window to be fully integrated into the one window
  • Added simple loadout support to the Stash
  • Teleport scrolls work a little different now
  • Updated tooltip design and features
  • Changed weapon splash to limit to max 3 targets to ensure you can do the most damage to your primary target
  • Fixed various graphical issues with Outfits that were using two-sided materials. They no longer appear dark and with incorrect colours
  • Fixed Devil's marbles from spawning clusters on the player instead of the projectile
  • Fixed Shopkeeper purchases ignoring inventory space
  • Alt+clicking a loadout slot with chat window open will link the item into chat, items are also auto linked if detected in chat text
  • Converted Common Pine Bark to White Feathers, Skeltor Bones to Small Bones, Vital Health Potion to Large Bones, Watcher Teeth to Bone Dust, Discreet Health Potion to Discreet Ranged Potion, Lofty Health Potion to Enhanced Melee Potion
  • Various hidden mechanics and features added to discover
  • Tons of minor fixes and improvements
2 years ago

Minor patch: 209

  • Minor fixes and improvements
2 years ago

Minor patch: 208

  • Added prompts for new players, if they've forgotten to equip weapons or tools
  • Added visual effects to Evelyn the Enchanted, Tuxedo Tom, Frosty the Trollman, Sizzle and Snap
  • Changed physics of lobbed items to use more of an upward trajectory, generally ensuring that items land at the player's feet
  • Fixed summoned monsters spawning outside of locked rooms
  • Minor fixes and improvements
2 years ago

Minor patch: 207

  • Added Tagalog and Czech language selection which allows you to now chat in those languages
  • Fixed issues with purchasing Spirit Wheel tickets and using them immediately
  • Fixed minor Glacion issues
  • Minor fixes and improvements
2 years ago

Minor patch: 205

  • Added Kringle Koins to the adventure complete screen
  • Fixed ground sometimes swallowing monsters and players
  • Fixed Minobats spawning underground
  • Minor fixes and improvements
2 years ago

Minor patch: 204

  • Fixed shop tooltip not working
  • Fixed treasure map not revealing a chest
  • Fixed Isle of Irim's drought
  • Fixed items that stalk you after you discard them
  • Fixed obsessive dock respawn
  • Minor tweaks and improvements
2 years ago

Major patch: 203 - Merry Mayhem

  • Added new default game/web login option 'Sign Request in Wallet'. This will send a request to your Enjin wallet over JumpNet to request login access. Once confirmed you'll be logged in.
  • Replaced Ascelin the Slayer, Evelyn, Hurricane and Locasta placeholder default outfits with John and Joan.
  • Gather nodes now randomly spawn in adventures up to the current rarity allowing you to do at least some gathering while in higher level adventures than your tool skills. Tools can now gather from nodes below their rarity.
  • Not wearing armor gives a debuff, instead of nothing, so that wearing some armors with debuffs are still more powerful than without armor.
  • Changed how adventure rarity/item checks are done, so that you can enter adventures with more powerful items, but you just can't use them
  • You can rotate your character and pet on the main menu by clicking and dragging
  • Various quality of life updates as well as fixes and improvements
2 years ago

General News

A flock of Scarratou just flew into the abyss for a permanent vacation, making those that remain in the mortal realm, even more of a rare sight to behold.

2 years ago

Minor patch: 202

  • Fixed ranged arrow collisions
  • Fixed hitboxes on some monsters
  • Fixed doors being invisible
  • Minor updates and improvements
2 years ago

General News

Darthrauka says "You pesky humans are wasting my precious time, go fetch!"

2 years ago

Minor patch: 201

  • Updated Arlatan effect to prevent entities with dog like qualities from sensing you for up to 20 seconds, unless they're dealt damage. This can be used while they're chasing you, so that they'll lose your scent immediately.
  • Updated arrows to fix all known issues with range and walls.
  • Fixed Amulet of Deathly Howls and Pumpkinseed Soup.
  • Fixed how damage is modified and converted so that conversion is done after all damage reduction modifiers are applied.
  • Fixed gift icon no longer being clickable.
  • Fixed pet handler, bounties, etc not working correctly.
  • Fixed marketplace sort by type.
  • Various minor fixes and performance improvements.
2 years ago

General News

A large flock of Scarratou just flew into the abyss for a permanent vacation, making those that remain in the mortal realm, even more of a rare sight to behold.

2 years ago

General News

Trading of Halloween website shop and in game shop items has been disabled until the event is over. They will be re-enabled once the event ends.

2 years ago

Major patch: 200 - Darkness Reborn

  • Added a new filter menu to the marketplace, stash, etc.
  • Added potential fix for characters rotating towards invalid point.
  • Added a new event progress overlay for events such as Halloween.
  • Added a highlight to show the outdoors starting area.
  • To inspect items, you must now move them into your inventory and left click them (while stash isn't open).
  • To exchange items, they must now be in your inventory. Currency items such as Bounty Bucks are always carried around with you.
  • Fixed Blood Extinction, Spyglass, Starstruck, Obsidian Kataclysm, and Helixir effects.
  • Updated the frozen visual effect.
  • Ensure Nereids are flying creatures.
  • Merged Blockchain and Virtual items into the same window in the Emporium.
  • The drop rates have been adjusted to give more quality loot across the entire range of items. There's now less favoring of items with high supply, so that items with low supply have a greater chance and high rarity items now have a greater chance to drop, meaning the higher rarity tiers like Legendary, Mythical and Transcendent should drop more often than before.
2 years ago

Minor patch: 198

  • Golden Chest Keys now collect on the right side of the screen, similar to Gold Coins
  • Fixed Gift icon not appearing if you clear the notification
  • Fixed Reward Chests not appearing on screen with Very Low graphic settings
  • Fixed Badge of Blight
  • Fixed agro loss bug in Graveyard Rumble. Leaderboard scores have been reset as this bug was used to obtain high scores and the gameplay was not in the spirit of what Graveyard game mode is about
  • Adjusted Thunderclap stomp damage and fixed a bug with other aoe damage from monsters
2 years ago

Minor patch: 197

  • Fixed movement issue when changing direction while using shift, causing your character to remain still while attacking
  • Changed the colour of the toolbelt icons according to the rarity of the tool equipped
  • Fixed white adventure complete screen when using Low quality graphics
  • Fixed all known issues with Graveyard Rumble and leaderboard scores have been reset, with the Competition end-date set to 31st October
2 years ago

Minor patch: 196

  • Updated the rounding for large currency values such as Gold Coins
  • Switched Jungle Perch and Wild Seabass values
  • Viewing your stash from the marketplace window now only shows items which are in your account, allowing you to better see which items you can potentially sell
  • Fixed Graveyard Rumble issues that allowed exploiting
  • Fixed map issues such as blockers and node positions
  • Minor fixes and improvements
2 years ago

General News

Actually set Shadowstone Overseer discovery to larger than 30, instead of completely disabling them.

2 years ago

General News

Shadowstone discoveries will now only be reported to Overseer when the amounts are larger than 30

2 years ago

General News

Crypto.com payments are now available on the shop!

2 years ago

General News

A new exploit has been discovered in Graveyard Rumble. All scores will need to be reset and since the prizes are so valuable, we're going to update the rules to require a video recording of your win, so that it can be used as proof of your score.

2 years ago

Minor patch: 195

  • Buffed Fists to make it easier to play if you've lost all your tools
  • Fixed movement issue when combining shift with held mouse (Graveyard Rumble exposes it)
  • Fixed being able to equip armor in Graveyard Rumble. All scores had to be reset due to this
  • Fixed node overlap with walls
  • Improved performance when equipping items at the stash
2 years ago

Major patch: 189 - Pandemonium

  • Added new Forging Skill, allowing you to create Ingots from Ores and Armor from Ingots. Armor pieces must be assembled into sets at the Armor Assembly Stand. Forging and Engineering are now Members only skills.
  • Increased fee for Blockchain trades from 3% to 4%. 25% of the fee is now returned back into the game for all players to find on Adventures!
  • Updated all gathering tools, renaming them and changing their requirements to rely on virtual requirements
  • Swapped several blockchain and other items around
  • Added new Tool Belt for holding your tools
  • Changed how gather skills work. Gathering using a rare tool, will always find rare resources. Chance to find something increases as your level increases. Xp is given based on the item you find, not the tool you use.
  • New game mode: Graveyard Rumble - As a member you'll have access to this exclusive competitive mode!
  • Added effects to various weapons and items
  • Re-arranged adventures, shuffled resources and reworked rewards, chests and nodes. It'll take some refinements but the goal is to make every chest open more rewarding by reducing the amount you need to open before you find something valuable. This will be adjusted over time. It's better to open 2 chests per run, than 8, if you're finding valuable items in those chests more often.
  • Minor fixes and improvements
2 years ago

Minor patch: 187

  • Added a 10% price check on market price difference when creating a listing
  • Added Toggle UI as a configurable hot key
  • Added support for MvB Clan Tag
  • Updated the marketplace confirmation window
  • Fixed incorrect room lock sound for forked tile on beach
  • Fixed Void Goat effect not working
  • Fixed attack targets not focusing on those closest to you
  • Finalized Blockchain marketplace
3 years ago

Minor patch: 186

  • Adjusted lighting in Solt Beach
  • Fixed ranged attacks from monsters that strike you with a Miss, still applying chance of effect
  • Limited daily rewards notification so that it only notifies you once
  • Adjusted object interaction so that you more correctly turn to face before interacting
  • Minor tweaks and improvement
3 years ago

Minor patch: 185

  • Added tooltips to monsters in the Adventure window
  • Added filter warning when viewing the stash
  • Adjusted energy requirement of bows
  • Adjusted initial summon delays
  • Adjusted some monster's health
  • Fixed daily rewards
  • Fixed opened chests disappearing from minimap
  • Fixed band of brutality
  • Fixed some AI being unable to damage each other
3 years ago

Minor patch: 183

  • Fixed various locations where players could get stuck between chests, etc
  • Minor fixes and improvements
3 years ago

Minor patch: 182

  • Fixed beach tiles throwing their own party without you
  • Fixed dungeon tile missing navigation mesh
  • Fixed desert theme final chests
  • Fixed Saraela not functioning
3 years ago

Major patch: 181 - Chaos tamed

  • Balanced all monsters and weapons
  • Fixed two-handed weapons not being as powerful as expected
  • Adjusted lock in rooms to be more random and fixed lockout
  • Fixed bad pathing on uneven ground
  • Fixed monster deaths due to self destruct or environment damage not counting for the player
  • Fixed mysterious scroll not being interactive
  • Limited the amount of summoners that can spawn in a room
  • Fixed ragdolls affecting your ability to do damage
  • Fixed some weapon effects not working correctly
  • Updated xp and gold drops
3 years ago

Major patch: 179 - Chaos Unleashed

  • Poison, Stun, etc monster effects now have a chance to apply, instead of 100%
  • Added about 30 new monsters
  • Added in game off-chain BC item trading
  • Added Critical Hit, monsters can also miss and crit, and are also affected by environment
  • Added new Adventures, rebalanced all existing
  • Added lock-in rooms and basic encounters
  • Added the ability for monsters to summon
  • All Adventures, Monsters and Weapon stats rebalanced
  • Split Bows into Long and Short with their own stats
  • One-Handed Axes now have their own stats
  • Titles now have their own colors
  • Hold Ctrl when middle clicking to exclude tools
3 years ago

General News

We've had a large influx of players lately and we're now at capacity for the Pre-Alpha! Account Creation has therefore been closed but it will re-open again in the future!

3 years ago

Minor patch: 176

  • Fixed level end 0% values
  • Minor fixes and improvements
3 years ago

General News

There was an error with the Photonic Incubator health amount, it was set to Rare level instead of Legendary. It's been updated from 300 health to 1200 health and will be available in the next patch.

3 years ago

General News

The Gargoyle Collector has run out of Gogum pets, but is still looking for a few remaing puzzle pieces, offering 5k Gold Coins for each!

3 years ago

General News

Various overseer announcements have now been disabled due to the large volume of players

3 years ago

Minor patch: 175

  • Fixed pipes blocking movement in lava/water
  • Fixed gates of hell from opening too early
  • Fixed Santa's Slay, Frostbite, etc not allowing you to attack a monster once it was frozen
  • Fixed egg demons attacking you if you gather near them
  • Minor fixes and improvements
3 years ago

Minor patch: 172

  • Fixed unwelcome monster horde who were spawned in from another world to stomp all the adventurers
  • Fixed adventurers having a complete memory blank as to how to fish or perform other gathering skills
  • Fixed Santa's Slay dealing only tickle damage
  • Updated Flour stack to visually diminish as the flour for the day is reduced
3 years ago

Minor patch: 171

  • Unlocked the Easter Event
  • Added new Easterly Windchaser, Aeropiercer, Eggdemon, The Golden Goddess, Peanut Bunny Crunch, Photonic Incubator and Cocoasticks
  • Added effects to Draco Juice, Lethal Adrenaline, Lunar Lullaby
  • Adjusted Mask of Atticus radius and damage, updated Mender's Mix visuals, adjusted Frostbite Phantom and Santa's Slay effects
  • Fixed intermittent issues when loading into interiors
  • Fixed being able to change weapons while gathering
  • Moved Bounty Bucks to the Bounty offers window and moved Transfer Crystals to the stash
  • Gathering is now cancelled if you're hit monsters
  • In game chat won't be available until you've unlocked Bounties
  • Switched to new chat backend system. Also if you're a new player you must complete all intro Quests and unlock Bounties before you have access to chat.
  • Adjusted lava rooms that would insta-kill to allow you to get out of them
3 years ago

Minor patch: 170

  • Added clock and recent player count to top bar
  • Increased the range of Mask of Atticus slightly
  • Fixed getting stuck on loading screen when moving to indoor areas
  • Fixed Chompur Poison cloud
  • Fixed Mists of Deception and other passive effects not clearing on death
  • Potential fix for rare jittery/uncollectable objects
3 years ago

Minor patch: 169

  • Fixed Notification sound continuing after it's been cleared
  • Fixed tutorial navigation helper not working
  • Fixed loading into areas during the tutorial quests causing the load to never end
  • Changed skills tooltip to not block input so that you can have it open while still playing
3 years ago

Minor patch: 168

  • Fixes to some items such as Sweetwater minnow not giving correct buffs
  • Fixed scene loading issue on some systems
  • Fixed Feeble ring and other regen items regenerating even if you have full health/energy
3 years ago

Minor patch: 167

  • Adjusted physics for most carryable items
  • Updated Fishing and Woodcutting cancel animations
  • Fixed Hydrosphere not using the correct values
  • Fixed some interface ordering issues
  • Fixed entering/exiting areas causing a soft lock upon loading
3 years ago

Minor patch: 166

  • Fixed issue where you can get stuck loading between areas
  • Fixed some other minor data issues
3 years ago

Minor patch: 165

  • Added map text for Stove, Well and Mill
  • Added missing Daily rewards to adventure screen
  • Added potential fixes for stuck loading screens
  • Fixed attack animations and data which was causing wrong animations to be selected
  • Fixed food items not giving correct buffs
  • Fixed some passive effects using the wrong data values
3 years ago

Minor patch: 163

  • Added Bounty Exchange which is accessible through Berinon
  • Added Flour Mill and Water Well
  • Added Cooking skill
  • Added shortcut key (Default F2) to toggle UI for screenshots
  • Added effects to Amulet of Chaos, Vial Of The Abyss, Hydrosphere Ring, Band Of Brutality, Ring of Havoc, Roaring Sand Dragon
  • Added the ability to choose your resurrection location once you've unlocked it
  • Added a new setting to force/limit the framerate
  • Replaced Gift Gargoyle with Daily Rewards
  • Exotic Prusian Carp is now known as Kraaken Carp
  • Fixed being able to switch weapons while gathering, causing you to become a dual wielding glitchy gatherer
  • Fixed Dried Blush Berries not behaving as food
  • Fixed Market price not getting correctly set if you create a buy/sell order from your owned items
3 years ago

Minor patch: 162

  • Fixed important map icons being hidden
  • AI improvements
  • Added the ability to cancel Gathering
  • Adjusted the Netherdemon range
  • Added Map Opacity to the settings
  • Minor tweaks and improvements
3 years ago

Minor patch: 161

  • Fixed monsters sleeping on the job
  • Fixed attacks missing too often when close to walls
  • Fixed bounty tallies
  • Changed blood effect to only pulse when losing health
  • Minor fixes and tweaks
3 years ago

General News

Obito has donated a selection of items such as Blue Rock Dye, Dayl Slate Leather, Ever Bread, Irhium Spring Water, Bronze Ingot and more, back into the game! Thank you Obito!

3 years ago

General News

TiborgGuarana has donated Aberdow Artesian Water, Demmin Crystal Salt, Ever Bread, Glisten, Irhium Spring Water, Mellith Flower, Rust Barley Grains, Sunshroom, and more Weapons back into the game! Thank you TiborgGuarana!

3 years ago

General News

A generous player has donated Aberdow Artesian Water, Bronze Ingot, Cerulean Sapphire, Demmin Crystal Salt, Dayl Brown Leather, Culinarian's Call Vol I, Culinarian's Call Vol II, Dried Blush Berries, Ever Bread and Rust Barley Grains into the loot pool!

3 years ago

General News

DIABLO has donated a few wagons of Night Wood back into the game! Thank you DIABLO!

3 years ago

Minor patch: 160

  • Fixed monsters and environment disappearing randomly
  • Reduced chance to miss for various weapons and environments
  • Increased bow damage on some monsters
  • Added some new tricks to some monsters
  • Reduced trap damage
  • Improved the Bounty list and sorted by difficulty
  • Changed Abandon Bounty to Pause Bounty
  • Added locks on slots instead of hiding them
  • Fixed owned counts in adventures and while a Bounty is active
  • Fixed Trade Chat
  • Minimap now correctly favors objects based on distance, along with optimizations and limits
3 years ago

General News

A generous player just donated some more Criminal Katana's, Longbows and Wildone's into the game! Thanks generous player!

3 years ago

General News

A generous player has donated a selection of Wildone's Axe, Blue Rock Dye, Longbow, Culinarian's Call Vol I, Culinarian's Call Vol II and 200 Night Wood! Thank you generous player!

3 years ago

General News

PlayToEarn has donated 500 Red Rock Dye back into the game! Thank you PlayToEarn!

3 years ago

General News

SlitenUgle just donated even more Criminal Katana's, Longbows and Wildone's into the game! Thanks SlitenUgle!

3 years ago

General News

VeryGoodBadBoy has donated Glisten, Aberdow water, Wildone's Axe, Bronze Ingot, Ever Bread, Dayl Brown Leather, Culinarian's Call Vol I and Vol II, Criminal's Katana, Longbows, Irhium Water, Rust Barley Grains and Cerulean Sapphire back into the loot pools

3 years ago

General News

KGeorgiev just donated even MORE Criminal Katana's, Longbows and Wildone's into the game! Thanks KGeorgiev!

3 years ago

General News

OnTheCan just donated more Criminal Katana's, Longbows and Wildone's into the game! Thanks OnTheCan!

3 years ago

General News

Striker just donated a selection of Criminal Katana's, Longbows and Wildone's into the game! Thanks Striker!

3 years ago

General News

Yaboi has donated 500 Red Rock Dye back into the game! Thank you Yaboi!

3 years ago

General News

D3K has donated 500 Blue Rock Dye back into the game! Thank you D3K!

3 years ago

General News

Bounties can now be paused instead of abandoned which means progress won't be reset if you abandon/pause

3 years ago

Minor patch: 159

  • Basic Quests guide you through some basic progression unlocks (Some of the icons on the top bar will be locked till you complete).
  • Bounties are in! Members get some more bounties and you can unlock more by levelling up.
  • Champion Rewards are now available. As you level up your character, you'll be rewarded even more!
  • New AI idle characters in Emporium and Tavern. They'll be added to town later.
  • Relic equipment slots now only take Relics (items with effects)
  • Food items now consume over time, instead of instantly. Potions still apply instantly.
  • Additional information added to tooltips to guide on what's consumable, non-destructible, etc
  • New Main Menu, you can now return to the menu from within buildings (i.e. Tavern)
  • Added Chat Trade tab, use it for all trade chat
  • Added new Turkish language selection for Turkish chat
  • Performance improvements and updates
  • 100s of other changes :)
3 years ago

General News

The Christmas event is now over. Last chance to open Christmas Presents and Kringle Koins before they turn to dust!

3 years ago

Minor patch: 158

  • Fixed Snowflake shake not working on certain surfaces
  • Fixed forgetful inventory when exiting the tavern and other areas
  • Moved the change name functionality to the top left UI menu where Change Title is
  • Added text countdown for Christmas event onto Kringle Koins UI
3 years ago

Minor patch: 156

  • Added full description to items in marketplace
  • Re-added Pandemic Pete effects
  • Updated the Full map button locations and positioning
  • Fixed Language specific stash being broken
  • Fixed hats on various outfits being misaligned
  • Fixed marketplace negative display
  • Fixed Camera pulling too close to character in some situations
  • Fixed inability to sell Transfer Crystals
  • Fixed inaccessible items in Forest areas near the ponds
  • Fixed Mists of Deception
3 years ago

General News

Some gatherable items have shifted around and now drop in different locations

3 years ago

General News

Divine Gloves, Brunite Pickaxe and Metallic Pruning Scissors have new requirements

3 years ago

General News

Common Pine can now only be gathered from Woodcutting level 5, while Bundle of Sticks can now be gathered from level 1, without a tool requirement

3 years ago

General News

Tool durability has been completely disabled

3 years ago

General News

The Tavern has a new Raffle! I wonder what sort of Egg you'll find in this Mysterious Nest?

3 years ago

General News

The requirements for making Crude Pickaxe and Battered Hatchet have been updated

3 years ago

General News

Updated tool skill requirements to better align all skills to the same values

3 years ago

General News

The shopkeeper has received a large shipment of glassware from a new merchant, allowing for much cheaper prices!

3 years ago

General News

All gathering skills have had their experience buffed so you you will get more xp per use now and all existing gathering experience has also been buffed so you haven't missed out.

3 years ago

General News

A new Raffle has started in the Tavern for the Rare Lance Livingstone Outfit! Raffle is drawn in 7 days. Your chances increase the more Tickets you purchase!

3 years ago

General News

The Shopkeeper is now selling single Adventure Stones for purchase under the category Limited Time. This is temporary.

4 years ago

General News

The Innkeeper has a new Limited Time Quest called Golden Stones which allows you to convert your Adventure Stones back to Gold. This is temporary.

4 years ago

General News

The Leaderboards have been reset! They will now reset at the start of every month.

4 years ago

General News

Dank Descent is now available somewhere within Talmuth

4 years ago

General News

Leaderboards will reset monthly from 1st May 2020

4 years ago