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Christmas 2020

Collect Kringle Koins and use them to purchase limited edition items from Santa!

Christmas Presents are hidden on adventures and give you the chance to discover even more loot!

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Halloween 2020

Collect Spooky Coins and use them to purchase limited edition items at the Halloween Merchant!

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Elemental Egg Hunt

Locate Elemental Eggs on your adventures in Lost Relics and exchange them for limited-edition rabbit outfits!

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Hunt for DAInerys

Rescue DAInerys from the dungeons to secure this cute companion!

Only 1000 are available to claim.

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Legendary Gecko

Do you have what it takes to be a Legendary Gecko?

Only 20 available!

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Talmuth Founder's Stone Carving

Talmuth's historic statue holds a stone tablet which details the Founder's who held a token on February 3rd, 2020.

Their names will be etched into history and remain a part of the virtual town of Talmuth for forever more!

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Slayer in the Stone

Do you have what it takes to pull the Worldslayer from the Stone? In the centre of Talmuth a strange energy left behind a Worldslayer embedded within a stone.

Will you be the chosen one to withdraw the Slayer from the Stone and end up with 1 of only 20 Transcendent Worldslayers that exist in the entire game?

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Fallen Tablets

3 Fallen Tablets to activate, each granting access to a secret treasure room!

Find out who has the tablets, get your hands on them then pass them to claim your rewards!

Work together to discover some amazing treasure!

You will need to work together to discover some amazing treasure!

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To kick off the ability to claim real blockchain assets within Lost Relics, we've created the STAMPEDE event.

STAMPEDE is your chance to crash through as many dungeons as you can - claiming as many ENJIN blockchain items as you can - until they're all gone!

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