Nightfire Nugget

Nightfire Nugget
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Nightfire Nugget is Rare

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Stamped with the prestigious emblem of the Firedrake Forgers, the Nightfire Nugget is a delicately crafted block, with extraordinary properties.

Created using a strict set of guidelines known only by the forgers themselves, this polished bar isn't your typical slab of metal, in fact, it's not a metal at all. Made primarily of a raw material similar to that of natural clay, and found only on Mount Haeylon, the Nightfire Nugget must be produced with extreme caution.

Carefully harvested from it's deposit in the dead of night, and kept in a moist state, this highly combustible natural resource is then combined with a mixture of undisclosed substances, and kneaded thoroughly, before it's shaped, and ultimately forged into this exquisite nugget.

Due to their rare nature, and high value, many choose to simply collect these bars and display them as a sign of wealth, but others know what power they truly possess, and would never let them go to such waste.