Keikoo Feathers

Keikoo Feathers
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Keikoo Feathers is Uncommon

Unlimited supply

Landing atop the highest peak of Mount Olkepth but once a year, and for a very short period of time, the Keikoo are a rare sight to see.

Recognized for their acrobatic skills, and significant speeds, these ancient raptors are considered masters of the sky. Due to their infrequent appearences, and quickness, capturing this prized bird is near impossible, and obtaining one of their feathers is not easy either.

Not only must one summit the highest peak of Mount Olkeph, but they must do so in timely fashion, as very often, the Keikoo will not shed it's feathers, and the climb will be for naught. A single Keikoo Feather is said to retain a lot of the same properties as the Keikoo itself, and because of this, it's been used in all sorts of experiments, and creations.