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Junglecharm is Epic

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Summons tree roots from the ground which hold enemy in place, dealing 320 damage

According to legend, this ancient pendant is said to have been created within the jungles of Okhir, by a shaman of great wisdom. A master of the jungle, the Shaman believed there to be a power, hidden within the region of Okhir, capable of transcending all known magic, and was determined to capture it.

Through decades of pursuit, and many ritualistic sacrifices along the way, the shaman would eventually give up hope, but not before one last attempt. During one of his many hikes, the shaman would inadvertently fall, and tumble to the ground. As he brushed himself off, he noticed he had tripped over a yellow, vibrant gem. If the spirits of the jungle were trying to give him a sign, he figured this would be it.

Gathering whatever materials he could find, the shaman quickly assembled a makeshift necklace, imbuing the gem with magic, in an attempt to unlock it's true power. If this gem did contain power, unlocking it, appeared to be impossible. Disappointed by the results, the shaman proceeded to toss the charm into the jungle, and ended his quest. Little did he know, the Junglecharm did contain a great power, it just wasn't meant, for him!