Amulet of Magnetism

Amulet of Magnetism
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Amulet of Magnetism is Rare

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Pulls nearby targets towards the wearer

The Amulet of Magnetism is a powerful Relic that was once wielded by a great adventurer who was known for her cunning and resourcefulness. The amulet is adorned with a vibrant pink jewel that seems to pulse with an otherworldly energy, hinting at the powerful ability that lies within.

Legend has it that the Amulet of Magnetism was created by a powerful sorceress who was obsessed with the laws of physics and the manipulation of magnetic fields. The sorceress used a rare and precious gemstone known as "Polarmite" to create the amulet, imbuing it with the ability to use the power of magnetism to force pull all nearby monsters towards the wearer.