Demon Cloth

Demon Cloth
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Woven exclusively on the isle of Oskk by skilled seamstresses, the supply of Demon Cloth may be quite abundant, but it's definitely not easy to produce.

Harvesting the material used to create this thick textile, requires a high degree of precision, as in order to obtain it, one must first slay the vicious beasts known as the Razamure. With the ability to pounce at any given moment, and vision in all directions, getting up close isn't an option. Due to their volatile nature, these highly intelligent species of arachnid are extremely deadly, and therefore, hunters have long since decided that their best option is to attack in a stealthy manner from afar, using a bow and arrow.

With a remarkable resistance to magic, Demon Cloth is most often used in the clothing industry, where it's creations help to provide users with great protection against harmful spells.