Gold Journey Pack

Gold Journey Pack

This pack contains 118,000 x Gold Coins which is a 32% Bonus over the Explore Pack!

Gold Coins are account bound (not blockchain items) and can be used to buy goods (including Adventure Stones) at stores within the game.

118,000 x Gold Coins

(32% Bonus!)
40 USD

Additional Information

Upon purchase you will receive your items into your online account. Blockchain items will be sent to your wallet at and removed from your online account. Other items will remain in your online account.

All items are immediately added to your online account and will allow you to instantly gain access and use them, even if the Blockchain is congested.

Blockchain items might be delayed. When Ethereum Gas prices are high, sending will be delayed as the network is congested. Items are generally sent out within a couple of minutes but if there is a backlog it can take several hours to several days depending on congestion.