Release notes


  • Fixed level end 0% values
  • Minor fixes and improvements

2 months ago


  • Fixed pipes blocking movement in lava/water
  • Fixed gates of hell from opening too early
  • Fixed Santa's Slay, Frostbite, etc not allowing you to attack a monster once it was frozen
  • Fixed egg demons attacking you if you gather near them
  • Minor fixes and improvements

2 months ago


  • Fixed unwelcome monster horde who were spawned in from another world to stomp all the adventurers
  • Fixed adventurers having a complete memory blank as to how to fish or perform other gathering skills
  • Fixed Santa's Slay dealing only tickle damage
  • Updated Flour stack to visually diminish as the flour for the day is reduced

2 months ago


  • Unlocked the Easter Event
  • Added new Easterly Windchaser, Aeropiercer, Eggdemon, The Golden Goddess, Peanut Bunny Crunch, Photonic Incubator and Cocoasticks
  • Added effects to Draco Juice, Lethal Adrenaline, Lunar Lullaby
  • Adjusted Mask of Atticus radius and damage, updated Mender's Mix visuals, adjusted Frostbite Phantom and Santa's Slay effects
  • Fixed intermittent issues when loading into interiors
  • Fixed being able to change weapons while gathering
  • Moved Bounty Bucks to the Bounty offers window and moved Transfer Crystals to the stash
  • Gathering is now cancelled if you're hit monsters
  • In game chat won't be available until you've unlocked Bounties
  • Switched to new chat backend system. Also if you're a new player you must complete all intro Quests and unlock Bounties before you have access to chat.
  • Adjusted lava rooms that would insta-kill to allow you to get out of them

2 months ago


  • Added clock and recent player count to top bar
  • Increased the range of Mask of Atticus slightly
  • Fixed getting stuck on loading screen when moving to indoor areas
  • Fixed Chompur Poison cloud
  • Fixed Mists of Deception and other passive effects not clearing on death
  • Potential fix for rare jittery/uncollectable objects

3 months ago


  • Fixed Notification sound continuing after it's been cleared
  • Fixed tutorial navigation helper not working
  • Fixed loading into areas during the tutorial quests causing the load to never end
  • Changed skills tooltip to not block input so that you can have it open while still playing

3 months ago


  • Fixes to some items such as Sweetwater minnow not giving correct buffs
  • Fixed scene loading issue on some systems
  • Fixed Feeble ring and other regen items regenerating even if you have full health/energy

3 months ago


  • Adjusted physics for most carryable items
  • Updated Fishing and Woodcutting cancel animations
  • Fixed Hydrosphere not using the correct values
  • Fixed some interface ordering issues
  • Fixed entering/exiting areas causing a soft lock upon loading

3 months ago


  • Fixed issue where you can get stuck loading between areas
  • Fixed some other minor data issues

3 months ago


  • Added map text for Stove, Well and Mill
  • Added missing Daily rewards to adventure screen
  • Added potential fixes for stuck loading screens
  • Fixed attack animations and data which was causing wrong animations to be selected
  • Fixed food items not giving correct buffs
  • Fixed some passive effects using the wrong data values

3 months ago


  • Added Bounty Exchange which is accessible through Berinon
  • Added Flour Mill and Water Well
  • Added Cooking skill
  • Added shortcut key (Default F2) to toggle UI for screenshots
  • Added effects to Amulet of Chaos, Vial Of The Abyss, Hydrosphere Ring, Band Of Brutality, Ring of Havoc, Roaring Sand Dragon
  • Added the ability to choose your resurrection location once you've unlocked it
  • Added a new setting to force/limit the framerate
  • Replaced Gift Gargoyle with Daily Rewards
  • Exotic Prusian Carp is now known as Kraaken Carp
  • Fixed being able to switch weapons while gathering, causing you to become a dual wielding glitchy gatherer
  • Fixed Dried Blush Berries not behaving as food
  • Fixed Market price not getting correctly set if you create a buy/sell order from your owned items

3 months ago


  • Fixed important map icons being hidden
  • AI improvements
  • Added the ability to cancel Gathering
  • Adjusted the Netherdemon range
  • Added Map Opacity to the settings
  • Minor tweaks and improvements

4 months ago


  • Fixed monsters sleeping on the job
  • Fixed attacks missing too often when close to walls
  • Fixed bounty tallies
  • Changed blood effect to only pulse when losing health
  • Minor fixes and tweaks

4 months ago


  • Fixed monsters and environment disappearing randomly
  • Reduced chance to miss for various weapons and environments
  • Increased bow damage on some monsters
  • Added some new tricks to some monsters
  • Reduced trap damage
  • Improved the Bounty list and sorted by difficulty
  • Changed Abandon Bounty to Pause Bounty
  • Added locks on slots instead of hiding them
  • Fixed owned counts in adventures and while a Bounty is active
  • Fixed Trade Chat
  • Minimap now correctly favors objects based on distance, along with optimizations and limits

4 months ago


  • Basic Quests guide you through some basic progression unlocks (Some of the icons on the top bar will be locked till you complete).
  • Bounties are in! Members get some more bounties and you can unlock more by levelling up.
  • Champion Rewards are now available. As you level up your character, you'll be rewarded even more!
  • New AI idle characters in Emporium and Tavern. They'll be added to town later.
  • Relic equipment slots now only take Relics (items with effects)
  • Food items now consume over time, instead of instantly. Potions still apply instantly.
  • Additional information added to tooltips to guide on what's consumable, non-destructible, etc
  • New Main Menu, you can now return to the menu from within buildings (i.e. Tavern)
  • Added Chat Trade tab, use it for all trade chat
  • Added new Turkish language selection for Turkish chat
  • Performance improvements and updates
  • 100s of other changes :)

4 months ago


  • Fixed Snowflake shake not working on certain surfaces
  • Fixed forgetful inventory when exiting the tavern and other areas
  • Moved the change name functionality to the top left UI menu where Change Title is
  • Added text countdown for Christmas event onto Kringle Koins UI

5 months ago


  • Added full description to items in marketplace
  • Re-added Pandemic Pete effects
  • Updated the Full map button locations and positioning
  • Fixed Language specific stash being broken
  • Fixed hats on various outfits being misaligned
  • Fixed marketplace negative display
  • Fixed Camera pulling too close to character in some situations
  • Fixed inability to sell Transfer Crystals
  • Fixed inaccessible items in Forest areas near the ponds
  • Fixed Mists of Deception

6 months ago