Rudy Blue

Rudy Blue
Pet - Deer

Rudy Blue is Epic

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Santa's lead reindeer Rudolph has been by Santa's side for centuries, navigating his sleigh every Christmas night with pride, but what many people don't know, is that reindeer do indeed age, and Rudolph is approaching retirement. Luckily for Santa, Rudolph has been grooming his replacement for years now, in the form of his firstborn son, and he's just about ready to hop into position.

Unlike his father, Rudolph Jr was born with a bright blue nose, and quickly given the nickname of Rudy Blue to reflect his unique identity. Now all grown up, and equipped with the masterful teachings of his father, Rudy not only posesses the agility and speed to fill his fathers shoes, but also incredible navigational skills, which he would argue are better than his dads.

Small, but ambitious, Rudy has been dreaming of leading santa's sleigh since the day he was born, and will stop at nothing in order to acheive that goal!

Exclusive to Christmas 2020!