Minion #2

Minion #2

Minion #2 is Legendary

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Being a demonic fiend of the underworld has it's perks, but freedom, well, that just isn't one of them. Those who try and escape it's evil reigns, are normally met with swift destruction, yet every so often, one will manage to slip past the veil of darkness, and escape directly into the mortal realm. In this particular case, his name was Minion #2.

Under the direct control of King Karthulu, Minion #2 had it bad. As one of the oldest to be enslaved, he spent centuries doing the bidding of the king. Day after day, hour after hour, Minion #2 spent working, grinding away in the grueling mines of the abyss. His brittle bones begging for solace, but Minion #2 didn't have a choice. As one of King Karthulu's minions, you are controlled, an evil spell commanding your every move, yet, after centuries, Minion #2 could feel the control slipping away, the hex beginning to weaken. Slowly but surely, he was starting to feel free.

As time went on, Minion #2 planned his escape. joyously dreaming of the outside world. He determined that while Karthulu was sleeping, his control felt to be at it's weakest, and as the king laid down to rest, Minion #2 made his move. Dashing through the mines with target in sight, he raced towards the nearest nether portal, the other minions looking on in disbelief, as he leapt through the magical passageway, he was free.

Although no longer under the direct control of King Karthulu, Minion #2 still maintains a follower mentality, making him a loyal companion to those who merely show him respect.