Hollowhead is Epic

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Being an inanimate object such as a jack o' lantern, isn't all it's cracked up to be. Between the ogling, the burning insides, the sharp utensils to the dome, and the inevitable rotting that takes place, over just a few weeks, some may even call this existence, absolute torture.

However, most people would never believe that these orange gourds have feelings, but they mostly definitely do. After all, they are living organisms, with a decaying life cycle, not so dissimilar to the human species.

The reality is, these oversized squashes are well aware of what's been done to them over the course of centuries, and they have evolved. With the help of some good ol' Darthrauka magic, they have now gained true mobility, and independence.

Their heads may still be hollow, but let's be honest, who really needs a brain, when you've got a blade? Looks like revenge is on the menu this time!