Gogum is Epic

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For Centuries, Gogum had protected over the people of Talmuth with a watchful eye, shielding it's population from evil forces that wished to do them harm.

Gogum wasn't some ordinary gargoyle. With it's ability to conjure up charitable offerings to all of those who blessed him with their presence, he became a local treasure, and the citizens of Talmuth treated him as such.

Not all tales have happy endings however, and Gogum knew that it was only a matter of time before the evildoers would be able to break through his seal, and enter the town of Talmuth. Sadly, that day came quicker than expected, and there was no stopping it.

One day, without warning, the Order Of Shadows broke through the seal, and cast a spell of multiflication upon Gogum. Gogum fought valiantly, but ultimately, the spell was just far too powerful for him to counter. Soon after, the spell began to take action. Within minutes, Gogum began to transform, and multiply into hundreds of hideous creatures, with evil intentions. Needless to say, the friendly, neighborhood gargoyle was no more, and in it's place, introduced something far more sinister.

With the town no longer under the protection of Gogum, and evil lurking about, the days ahead are starting to look grim for the people of Talmuth. It may be time to call for reinforcements...