Frosty the Trollman

Frosty the Trollman
Pet - Troll

Frosty the Trollman is Legendary

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Frosty does, what frosty wants... most of the time.

Being half man, half beast, has it perks, but at the end of the day, having the the face of a troll isn't exactly a great bodily feature to possess, when seeking potential employment.

Frosty will take the odd job here and there, whether that's helping to construct homes in Ayorke, or clearing the sewer rats around Talmuth, but most of all, he loves adventure.

Despite his outward appearance, Frosty has no problem attracting the attention of local adventurers, in need of a bit of muscle. If it's a companion you seek, there are few more reliable than this fearless, brawny beast, who's sure to leave no doubt in your enemies minds, as to why they call him... The Trollman!