Tuxedo Tom

Tuxedo Tom

Tuxedo Tom is Mythical

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Could anybody possibly dislike Tom? If so, it would only be out of jealousy.

An outstanding member of society, who's well dressed, with a glowing personality, Tom talks the talk, and walks the walk. Even with his deficiency in height, nothing will stop Tom from doing whatever it is that he wants to do. Whether he's off fighting Netherdemons atop the fiery plains of Mount Olkeph, or skillfully fishing off the Talmuth pier, Tom is always ready for any challenge that may await.

Tom does have one fear however; the cold. Although Incredibly ironic, considering his species, Tom isn't exactly a fan of the chilly weather, especially when it comes to extremely bitter temperatures. His sense of fear is so strong, that you'll never catch him without his trusty toque, in tow.

Love him or hate him, Tuxedo Tom is here to stay, so deal with it!