The Nightlurker

The Nightlurker

The Nightlurker is Mythical

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Cloaked in black, with the intimidation of death itself, the Nightlurker is a frightening figure of the highest order. Night after night, he can be found patrolling the burial grounds of Talmuth, as if waiting for evil forces to emerge, and when they do, he's always ready to send them right back to where they came from.

A harbinger of darkness, a protector of the living, or simply a menace to society, who is the Nightlurker? Nobody truly knows the answer to that question, but what we do know, is that wherever he draws breath, evil is surely not too far behind.

Whether the Nightlurker is a magnet for evil, or the Talmuth gravesite is a veiled passageway from the underworld, the Nightlurker knows something that we don't, and it doesn't sound like he plans on sharing that information any time soon. The good news, is that he manages contain the darkness within these walls, the bad news, for how long?