Robo Hopper

Robo Hopper

Robo Hopper is Mythical

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Although it may appear as if you are witnessing a bunny rabbit, operating a fully mechanical suit of armor, made with odenium parts, and equipped with poison darts, don't be fooled, as nothing could be further from the truth.

Looks can be deceiving, especially when your own perception of reality has been altered by an evil old hag, looking to end your very existence. Beatrix Grogan of Talmuth may be a youthfully challenged individual, but what she lacks in physical strength and quickness, is fiercely overshadowed by her decades of proficiency in magic. If a spell exists, Beatrix knows it, and for her enemies, that's a very dangerous thought to consider.

For years, Beatrix has terrorized the town of Talmuth, in order to get what she wants. With the ability to cast veils of misperception on anything she encounters, Nobody is truly safe. Whether it's disguising herself as the mayor, local preacher, or even foreign dignitaries, her form of magic is highly effective. Beatrix may not have the physical strength required in order to hurl elemental projectiles anymore, but convincing others of something you're not, well, that can be just as powerful!