Robina Greenwood

Robina Greenwood is Rare

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Robina's mission is simple, take from those that don't deserve, and distribute to people in need.

Equipped with an expertise in stealth, and the ability to pick locks like no other, Robina wastes little time getting in and out of even the most secure of structures, undetected. Not one to shy away from her acts, Robina will often leave notes at the scene of her crimes, letting her victims know that their greed will not be tolerated.

Despite technically being a wanted fugitive, Robina manages to outsmart authorities at every turn, to avoid being caught. She doesn't work alone however. Due to her compassionate nature, she's highly respected amongst locals, who often provide food and shelter in order to protect her.

Cloaked in green, and quick as a cat, when it comes to the holiday season, Robina will stop at nothing in order to bring Christmas joy to those that need it the most.

Exclusive to Christmas 2020!