Marina Mellman

Marina Mellman

Marina Mellman is Legendary

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In order to achieve everlasting youth, one must be willing to make extreme decisions; moral choices that may plague your very soul, and leave you wondering, was it all really worth it?

Who are we kidding? of course it was!

A wrinkleless face, flexible joints, a sharp mind, who wouldn't want these marvelous qualities? If this means that you're forced to siphon the soul of another living being, every day, for the remainder of your existence, then so be it. Some may say that's a small price to pay, for such desirous beauty.

Marina may now live the life of a teenage witch, but deep down, she's still that 300-year old crone, with a heart of black. Let's just hope she doesn't run out of victims any time soon, you wouldn't want to see what happens when she gets angry!