King Karthulu

King Karthulu

King Karthulu is Mythical

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Although many believe that the underworld is controlled by a single entity, this is simply not the case. Even the most powerful of beings need loyal henchmen in order enact their evil bidding, and when it comes to allegiance, very few pay fealty more than that of the sinister soul known as King Karthulu.

Said to be conceived by the purest of evils, King Karthulu is a menace, a ruthless tyrant, mercilessly doing whatever needs to be done, in an effort to maintain order within the nether regions of the abyss. Whether minion, or ruler, double-cross him, and you'll quickly meet the pointy end of his blade.

Legend tells of a noble prince, loved and respected by all, but cursed to eternal damnation by an evil sorceress, and sent to the abyss in order to carry out unspeakable acts. Many believe that this tale directly refers to Karthulu himself, but even it it were true, the king's soul has plunged too far into darkness for even a chance at recovering a morsel of his former self. This is now his sole form, this is King Karthulu!