Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box

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Little boy jack wanted to play, thought of a game, shouted hooray
Hide-and-go-seek, he chose, of course, rode into town, atop of a horse
Little boy jack needed a space, a place to hide, from his sister Grace
Hollowed out crates seemed really great, now it was to sit there and wait.
Little boy jack didn't consider, if she couldn't find him, was he the winner?
Growing impatient, he fell asleep, tossing and turning, dreaming of sheep
Little boy jack awoke in a sweat, much time had past, did she forget?
Night had arrived, darkened and gloomy, he shouted for help, and heard back, excuse me?
Little boy jack had startled a witch, spells were cast, he started to twitch
Now cursed as a box, in a permanent state, how could anyone truly relate?
Little boy jack felt down and depressed, but rather than weep, he took it in jest
Halloween had come, and rather than pay, jack had a free costume, right on display
Little boy jack joyful and cheery, if nothing else mattered, at least they would fear he!
That is the end of this little tale, if he could do it again, he'd stay home and eat kale.