Harley Hoppinson

Harley Hoppinson
Outfit - Rabbit

Harley Hoppinson is Legendary

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Harley, Harley, full of grace, one kind soul, warming embrace.

Everybody loves Harley, tall, handsome, and incredibly charming, how could you not? Equipped with the gift of gab, and a highly confident demeanor, Harley is adored by all of those who encounter him. Whether he's hosting charity events across Talmuth, or shopping at the local emporium, he always manages to draw a crowd.

He seems too perfect, right? He must have a flaw? Wrong. Harley also just so happens to be a master swordsman, who has been knighted by the queen of Vemmin for his courageous acts of heroism in combat, but you won't find him gloating about it.

Harley may very well be the ultimate specimen, but some reports seem to indicate that his left ear may be slightly larger than his right, however, these rumors have yet to be confirmed by any reputable sources.