Evelyn the Enchanted

Evelyn the Enchanted

Evelyn the Enchanted is Mythical

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A gifted sorceress, with a frosty attitude, Evelyn's proficiency in magic is only rivaled by her high degree of intelligence, and if you cross her, she'll be sure to make you aware of just that.

Considered one of the top young spellcasters in Ayorke, Evelyn quickly caught the attention of local wizards, who had been grinding away at the practice for decades. Blown away by the rumors of her alleged skill, they decided to truly put it to the test.

Rather than ask Evelyn to showcase her abilities, they had another plan in mind. Catch her off guard, and see how she handles herself; Bad idea. As the wizards closed in on Evelyn, it was already too late. Within moments, the aged warlocks were hoisted into the air, and flung across the room in spectacular fashion.

Her doubters learned a very important lesson that day. If you plan on messing with Evelyn the Enchanted, and expect to come out unscathed, think again!