Conqueron is Mythical

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Born and bred with the skeletal remains of Darthrauka's many victims, Conqueron is a soulless commander, with an undying thirst for slaughter.

Shrouded in darkened armor, with glowing eyes of hollowed corruption, this bone-chilling creature is the embodiment of pure evil; an immortal champion of the undead.

Knowing only but war, Conqueron's entire existence is spent ridding the world of whomever his master desires, with very little downtime. Although according to rumors, he does still manage to find time to enjoy long walks near the molten lava pits of Mount Olkepth, as well as belting the odd tune, while lounging next to his many beheaded victims.

Whether day or night, rain or shine, If death is what you seek, Conqueron will happily make your aspiring dreams, come true. Just remember to drink lots of milk, he prefers healthy bones, makes for a far easier dislodging process.