Christmas Knight

Christmas Knight is Legendary

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This valiant warrior was dubbed the 'Christmas Knight' for very good reason. On the eve of Christmas over a decade ago, the town of Talmuth was under attack, and on the brink of total desctruction. As hordes of monsters ascended on the town, destroying everything in their path, it was beginning to look like Talmuth would fall. The citizens tried their best to stop the carnage, but they were no match for the enemies sheer power and numbers. Talmuth needed a miracle.

Enter their savior. Through the dense smoke of the burning town, a mysterious Knight appeared, and proceeded to wreak havoc on the monsters. With incredible strength, and powerful magic, the Christmas Knight managed to single handedly force the enemies to rereat, ultimately saving Talmuth, and Christmas itself.

Nobody truly knows who, or what, lay inside the maginificent set of frosted armor, but every Christmas, like clockwork, the Christmas Knight appears, not only to protect the town, but to show the enemy that evil will never triumph over good.

Exclusive to Christmas 2020!