Christina Aghoulera

Christina Aghoulera

Christina Aghoulera is Epic

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A talmuthian singing sensation with an incredible voice, sold out concerts, and more gold than anybody could ever ask for, It seemed as if the stars had aligned for the young, and elegant songstress, but as fate would have it, things just weren't meant to be.

Following a magnificent performance at the Talmuth tavern, Christina Aghoulera decided to call it a night, and head home. A dark and chilly Halloween night would make for the perfect setting to a catastrophic end, or in this case, a new beginning. As she strolled past the graveyard, and towards her home, out leapt a ghoulish creature of the undead, pouncing on her like an animal to it's prey. Fighting for her life, Christina tried to fight back, but it was of no use, the being was simply far too strong, and would not relent. In one last attempt at survival, Christina began to sing, in hopes of her soothing voice having a calming effect on the vicious creature. Turns out, undead brutes don't really care for melodies, who woulda thunk it?

Christina now lives her life as a member of the undead, a nightmarish zombie with a thirst for living flesh. She still feels she's beautiful, no matter what they say, but if you rub her the wrong way, get ready to pay the price!