Celina Stormguard

Celina Stormguard is Mythical

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Some people like to characterize northerners as uncultured, brutish, or even vicious barbarians, and although some of these things do actually have some merit to them, none of them can be applied to Celina, as she's widely regarded as a diamond in the rough.

Growing up in a tiny village off the coast of Ayorke, Celina had to endure harsh winters, and quickly learned how to fend for herself at a very early age. Now an expert tracker, and a master of the spear, many villagers rely on her expertise to keep their families well fed throughout the year.

Celina may be one of the most pleasant northerners you'll ever encounter, but don't let her beautiful appearence, or brilliant charm fool you, as if you mess with her people, well, let's just say she's still got a little of that northern blood in her!

Exclusive to Christmas 2020!