Bonehunter Bonnie

Bonehunter Bonnie

Bonehunter Bonnie is Rare

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The daughter of the legendary warrior, Cyrus Stryder.

Having bear witness to their fathers death at a very young age, Bonnie and Brody vowed, that one day, they would grow up, and seek revenge on those responsible for his death.

However, this would prove to not be so easy. Not until they found the blueprints to their father's legendary shortbow, that is. After spending years trying to figure out how to read the schematics, and assemble this powerful weapon, they would eventually be met with success.

Now shrouded in armor formed from the bones of their slain combatants, this brave duo of vengeful siblings, have carried on for decades, hindering the forces of evil at every turn, and preserving the legacy of their beloved father.

Retribution is what they seek, and Conqueron, is their ultimate target!