Astonishing Andy

Astonishing Andy

Astonishing Andy is Legendary

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Slick talkin', cool walkin', when Andy's around, they all be gawkin'.

Born Andrew Mcallister, and next in line to the throne of Mulfiddich, the future was looking bright for young Andy, at least until the unfortunate incident that left him in a permanent state of rabbit, that is.

Being a member of a royal bloodline isn't always easy. The luxuries and mass wealth may be nice, but having so much power does come at a cost, and being the main target of ruthless enemies who are looking to take you down at any moment, would leave anybody on high alert. Andy wasn't immune to such a state, and this ultimately led to him becoming the type of mammal he is today.

Delivering a speech from the open highlands of Mulfiddich wasn't a good idea. The queen knew this, her advisors knew this, and most of all, Andy knew this. With that much open space, there was bound to be trouble, but in order to prove to her people that the highlands were indeed safe, the queen decided that she had to be there herself.

Standing alongside his mother, as was the case with any speech that came before, Andy stood strong and proud, quietly observing his surroundings. Midway through the queen's powerful speech, there appeared to be a disturbance amongst the rather large crowd. Within seconds, a powerful sorceress known as the Witch of Mulfiddich had emerged from the chaos, and with a flick of her staff, proceeded to fire a bolt of magic directly towards the queen. Without thinking twice, Andy leapt in front of the projectile, taking the hit intended for his mother, and collapsed to the ground. After several frightening minutes, Andy appeared to regain consciousness, but he was no longer who he once was.

Being transformed into a bunny for all of eternity wasn't exactly what Andy had planned for the remainder of his life, but he has vowed to never let it get the best of him. With his retained abilities to walk and talk, one can only imagine how much attention he now receives, and who knows, maybe one day the people of Mulfiddich will accept a rabbit as their future king!