Almond Schwarzen-hopper

Almond Schwarzen-hopper
Outfit - Rabbit

Almond Schwarzen-hopper is Mythical

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Hold your head up high, and wipe that water from your eye, as there's no need to cry when Almond Schwarzen-hopper is nearby!

Growing up in the wastelands of Langdon, you have no choice but to quickly adapt to it's cruel ways. In a land run by outlaws, it's kill or be killed, and when you're placed in that position, you do what needs to be done in order to survive. Almond may not be proud of his past, but it was a necessary evil that helped to shape him into the creature that he is today.

A hardened individual that's become desensitized to violence would normally be a character to fear, but the only ones that should be frightened are those who stand in the way of Almond's personal mission; to rid the world of evil.

This rascally rabbit may be one of the good guys, but don't let his kind heart fool you. Tough as nails, and relentless in combat, if you're looking to start trouble, he may just be forced to terminate you!