Snowstorm is Legendary

292 of 450 remaining

+50% movement speed while active around town and on adventures.

Must have full charge to activate.

Once a protector of the frozen wetlands now known as Ayorke, Snowstorm was a cold-blooded beast, with a chilling thirst for vengeance.

Encountering Darthraka is an unpleasant experience to begin with, but in times of war, being in opposition to his ever-increasing pursuit of worldly domination, doesn't often bode well for you.

Mitreus, a frost god, learned this lesson the hard way. Rather than eliminate Mitreus entirely, Darthraka felt that a life of torment as a puny creature, would be far more torturous a punishment, than death. Condemning Mitreus to life as a wolf, Darthraka figured his enemy would be rendered but a mere, harmless beast. Except he was wrong.

Having retained a modicum of power following transformation, Mitreus soon became a menace for Darthraka, and his minions, posing fierce opposition to his plans, for centuries. With a newly acquired form of swiftness and strength, little did Darthraka know, that rather than issue damnation, he had unleashed himself... a Snowstorm!