Metakrawkus is Epic

212 of 350 remaining

+50% movement speed while active around town and on adventures.

Must have full charge to activate.

Conquering land is one thing, but when you really wanna take over, you gotta capture it all!

Although Conqueron had an immense fighting force of mobile warriors, these skeletal beings couldn't exactly handle the open seas. When you're trying to overtake lands surrounded by open bodies of water however, you don't really have too many options.

Conqueron knew very well what had to be done. If the ocean were a weapon, it's aquatic creatures would most definitely, be the ammo. But who would command these water-dwelling, sea serpents? Conqueron wasn't quite fit for the job, but he most definitely had a candidate in mind.

Thus, Metakrawkus was born. One of the few species of marine life, with the ability of traversing both land, and sea, this oversized crocodile would become the perfect choice to lead this newly formed army, into battle. With speeds greater than most land animals, and ferocious jaws, capable of tearing through entire tree trunks in a single snap, this legendary beast would go on to become a key asset in the fall of many kingdoms.

Metakrawkus may have been a creature from a distant past, but some say that it's barbaric spirit stills lives on, today!