Icefang is Rare

409 of 450 remaining

+50% movement speed while active around town and on adventures.

Must have full charge to activate.

In the heart of the frigid realm of Inverdhen, where snow blankets the earth and ice sculptures tower like silent guardians, there prowls a creature as mysterious as the land itself. Known to the inhabitants as Icefang, this majestic Morph resembles a snow tiger, embodying the spirit of the northern wilderness.

Icefang is no ordinary beast. It is said that it chooses its companion based on an unspoken bond, a connection of heart and spirit recognized only by those pure of intent and brave of soul. To be chosen by Icefang is considered the highest honor among the adventurers of Inverdhen, for it signifies a bond that transcends the physical realm, a partnership forged in the icy mountains of Arkhire.