Grizzlax is Legendary

382 of 450 remaining

+50% movement speed while active around town and on adventures.

Must have full charge to activate.

A colossal creature with a thunderous bite, Grizzlax had an insatiable appetite for bloodshed, fighting with reckless abandon, in order to feed it's unyielding thirst.

Known as the 'Ruler Of Jungles', this ferocious beast wasn't just a force to be reckoned with, but an unrelenting butcher of prey. Savagely tearing through it's enemies with willful glee, Grizzlax guarded the grounds of it's expansive territory, letting it be known that those who dare enter it's domain, would be met with unimaginable slaughter.

With it's incredible speeds, and towering size, if caught in it's grasp, the question wasn't how well you'd fare, but more specifically, how soon it would all be over!