Grimsteed is Mythical

8 of 50 remaining

+50% movement speed while active around town and on adventures.

Must have full charge to activate.

Rising from the hellish ashes of the underworld, this necrotic stallion is a creature of everlasting nightmares.

Cursed for eternity, and bound to devour the souls of the living, Grimsteed may now live a life of eternal damnation, but this was not always the case, for this once legendary warhorse.

Achieving the military rank of sergeant, for his bravery battle, Grimsteed was cunning, and brave; a loyal fighter, bred for victory. Being the famous mount of Landor The Great, one would expect a life of debilitating fatigue, but Grimsteed made it look easy, ushering his devoted rider into battles, like a whisper through tumultuous winds.

This all changed during the great battle of Thorberth plains, as an unexpected encounter with Conqueron, left Landor and his stable companion, in a fight for their very lives. Needless to say, things didn't quite work out for the great duo, as thousands of Slenderbone ascended upon them, taring them limb from limb.

As you can imagine, Landor did not fare too well. Grimsteed on the other hand, Conqueron had a bone to pick with him, and felt a regime change would make for a far more desirable conclusion, or rather, a new beginning!