Zigzag Zeal

Zigzag Zeal
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Zigzag Zeal is Legendary

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Randomly restore energy between 1,000 and 2,000 (3 uses)

In order to achieve everlasting vitality, one must first be willing to prove they are worthy, at least according to the ancient text of Icarith, that is.

Searching for a way to counter the effects of old age, and her rapidly declining stamina, Thorberth native, and local sorceress, Martha Hart, made it her life's mission, to follow the sacred writing, in hopes of achieving unthinkable power.

As the texts described, one must travel to the four corners of the known world, and imbue a set of Icarith crystals at the foot of prehistoric alters located in these regions, combining their power into a single illustrious amulet.

Against all odds, Martha succeeded. Spanning the course of 10 years, Martha traveled across the lands, located the hidden alters, and imbued the crystals as instructed, but by this point, it was all for naught.

Although she was successful in her quest, and the amulet worked as intended, she was now but an elderly woman, where the effects of the ZigZag Zeal would be of little use to her and her brittle bones. Expecting this outcome as a possibility, Martha made sure to imbue far more of these magical gems than required, because if she wasn't going to use them, surely they would at least attract a market!