Zenarthiil Parallel

Zenarthiil Parallel
Sword - Two-Handed
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Zenarthiil Parallel is Mythical

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10% chance to cause Shock

To this day the Heavy Hand forge works continue to refine their reputation as a quality weaponsmithing outfit.

Nothing made their reputation grow more than when they created a reserved edition of special swords to commemorate their 150th anniversary of weapon crafting.

Named the Zenarthiil Parallel, this edition of swords is similar in design to what the warriors brandished in the Battle of Midground which was fought at Zenarthiil during the fourth aeon.

Featuring two parallel blades, it takes approximately ten days to create these swords using closely guarded, secret techniques developed by the Heavy Hands craftsmen.

Despite their purist stance that a well-made weapon should be able to stand on its own merits, the Heavy Hands had these swords energetically activated, one of only three different editions of weapons they've made to ever receive such treatment.