Xilborne, Venom of the Fallen

Xilborne, Venom of the Fallen
Axe - Two-Handed
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Xilborne, Venom of the Fallen is Mythical

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10% chance to cause Poison

With the fall of Gahrswurd the Grim, Harpot saw an opportunity to seize the throne.

Conspiring with Welmoth, chief of the guard, Harpot assured they could gain victory over the Gahrswurd loyal, elite guard, The Paragon.

Harpot told Welmoth to bring a large cache of the finest weapons in the city armoury.

Welmoth had his men bring the Xilborne axes, the finest weapons in the city, to Harpot's apothecary quarter.

Harpot had extracted a very potent venom from the glands of 'Tree Runners' a small bear that would leap from the branches of trees and use their venom to subdue their prey.

Harpot then transformed the green venom into a mystical fume which he bound to the Xilborne axes.

Welmoth used these devastating axes, poisoning enemies upon contact, to overwhelm The Paragon, allowing Harpot the apothecary to ascend to the seat of power!