Wretched Fiend

Wretched Fiend
Axe - Two-Handed
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Wretched Fiend is Epic

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10% chance for Critical Hit

Hosty was excited.

They had heard of the Kihnvale dungeon in the wayward region but had never been able to find it.

Until now.

With his trustworthy companion Woll, the pair descended down into the dungeon crevice.

They walked through the dark halls before stumbling upon a chest.

The pair took an imposing axe from the long chest when suddenly, a haggard skin husk walked out of the darkness, causing them to flee.

Woll climbed the crevice first but Hosty struggled in panic to make the climb.

He reached out with the axe for Woll to help pull him up as though the axe were a rope, but with all wretchedness, Woll pulled the expensive axe out of Hosty's hands.

Screams of demise echoed from the dungeon crevice behind him as Woll ran away, the axe glimmering in his hands.