Wrath of the Swarm

Wrath of the Swarm
Sword - Two-Handed
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Wrath of the Swarm is Mythical

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10% chance to summon a swarm of bugs to attack target

It was a cold and unpleasant journey through the grey swamps but the hired mercenaries knew that the money they were due for escorting the crate carrying sled and it's driver was too good to pass up.

But when the horse was startled by a strange creature surrounded by insects off the side of the road, it bucked wildly, throwing both crate and driver into the air.

The crate shattered, dashing a number of highly luminous sabers across the ground.

The strange creature fled the commotion but the insects that had surrounded it swarmed upon the gleaming swords.

The mercenaries and driver, looking at one another, could see that the sabers, although now infested with insects, were worth far more than the money they had been paid to deliver them.

A new destination for the swords was quickly agreed upon...