Wrathcrown Egg

Wrathcrown Egg
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Wrathcrown Egg is Legendary

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Holding the title as the apex predator of the sky, a fully grown Wrathcrown Eagle is certainly a sight to behold, especially when witnessed swooping upon unsuspecting prey.

Often used as a symbol of strength, the Wrathcrown is deeply rooted in culture and is often seen brandished proudly upon family crests.

The eggs of Wrathcrowns are a very scarce thing to come by and it is against the law in some lands to meddle with the large golden orbs.

It is said that consuming or even simply possessing a Wrathcrown Egg can heighten one's senses for, depending on the individual, a certain length of time.

Another amazing thing about these eggs is that the shell is made completely out of Koridnium, one of the rarest metals in the world and it is for this reason that the eggshell is both super hard and golden in appearance.

How this occurs has baffled even the brightest scientific minds for centuries.