War Pledge

War Pledge
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War Pledge is Mythical

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Reduces melee damage taken by 25%

Known for his valour and extreme prowess in combat, Derrien Stryde was ready to defend the town of Harnvas from the 'Blight Bringers'.

But with the men of Harnvas fearful of the approaching enemies, Derrien expressed to Mendthar, a wizard of great age, his concern over the men's courage.

Mendthar ordered the men to lay before him 100, fist sized, rocks.

The men did just so and brought the rocks before the great adept.

Mendthar, speaking in an ancient tongue, imbued a blessing upon the rocks and told Derrien to pledge one to each man.

Taking a rock each, the men were suddenly filled with much courage and readied themselves for battle.

When the Blight Bringers finally arrived, the men of Harnvas stormed the larger group and, with each man bearing a rock within their armour, they defeated the enemy with a conclusive victory!