Longbow - Ranged
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Voidripper is Transcendent

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10% chance to cause Shock

Fisda Zern had studied mysticism under Sentinel Erridrus for many decades.

Of the many stories that the Sentinel had told over the years, Zern was mostly intrigued by the one of the Sentinel opening a portal to another realm.

A highly forbidden act nowadays, the Sentinel had entered the realm and was exploring a wondrous land when he was confronted by an extrinsic being.

Attempting to interact with the being, it fled before returning with a host of bow laden warriors.

In his own defence, Sentinel Erridrus exterminated the beings before they could fire upon him.

He gathered the warrior's bows in a heap to take back as evidence of his otherworldly encounter and opened a portal back to his realm.

The Sentinel examined the bows upon his return and found them to be expelling a fierce, orange electrical charge.

They were sent to the Elduith museum where they remained until the museum was ransacked during the Deception War.