Viridian Remnant

Viridian Remnant
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Before the likes of 'Mendthar the Great' or his contemporaries were on the scene, another great practitioner of the mystical arts was known far and wide.

His name was Premus Arl'forth and he was the Vertex, or 'Headmaster', of the Arcane University for a time.

Master Premus would often use what he called 'Remnants' to teach his students how to combine different elemental energies.

With different fragments embued with different energies, a specific combination would yield a certain reaction.

An incorrect combination would simply have no reaction.

Considering sixteen different Remnants were available, memorising the combinations was a challenge.

Fed up with Premus Arl'forth's petulant scoffing when his students struggled with the combinations, one mischievous student stole the entire inventory of Remnants and vanished from the university, never to return.

This was not a popular move with his fellow students who had to deal with an even more irritable Vertex afterwards.

Similar in colour to emerald, the Viridian Remnant is a vibrant green.