Vial of the Abyss

Vial of the Abyss
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Vial of the Abyss is Legendary

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Restores 60 health for every monster kill - but also drains 20 energy per kill (5 uses)

The Order of Shadows is a group notorious for their evil practices. Little is known about it's members, or even where they reside, but we know one thing, they are powerful. Being able to conjure up some of the most deadly of spells, this group of sinister sorcerers are a force to be reckoned with.

One of their most powerful creations is an elixir, not to be consumed by the faint of heart. The Vial of the Abyss is said to be so potent, that even members of the order themselves have fallen ill upon consumption.

Created using a mixture of rare ingredients, and powerful magic, you should avoid this potion like the plague, unless you are prepared to deal with it's possible deadly symptoms.