Venomous Fury

Venomous Fury
Shortbow - Ranged
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Venomous Fury is Legendary

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5% chance to Poison your target, 18% chance when your health is below 50%

Said to have been forged with the fangs of a colossal serpent, this fearsome bow is steeped in legend and otherworldly glory. Only those of dark intent may truly harness its power and unlock the ominous effects it possesses. Those who are unworthy, will be betrayed by its cruelty, and meet their ultimate demise. At least that's what the lore tells us.

Striking fear in the hearts of its targets, the Venomous Fury is a powerful weapon of combat, known for its precision, and the debilitating effects it inflicts on impact. If destructive vengeance is what you seek, look no further than this unparalleled showcase of ranged assault.